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Write a Caption! fall squirrel

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Healer - I can tell, with your poems and your song lyrics. it's fun on my end, too!! Thank you!


You have no idea how much fun I have with your pictures! Love them.


Now that is quite a poem, Healer. I had no idea you had such talent. The poem is actually quite lovely! :D))


So many leaves, they cover the ground.
He'd store more nuts, but they can't be found.
Winter is close, the cold wind does blow.
He needs to hurry, no time to be slow.
When Winter arrives, in her snowy white vest,
He'll be safe and warm, with nuts in his nest.


Faye - that is so hard to believe about squirrels! How astonishing!
I love your caption!


Funny, "Like!" And dancing, poems and singing seem to be your strength! LOL


"Lost" really doesn't happen. David Suzuki did one hour last night (Nature of Things...I think) on CBC on squirrels. The scientists put microchips in acorns, recorded where the squirrel buried them, and then watched the squirrel dig up the nuts based on triangulation of trees, rocks, etc. Not only did this involve remembering hundreds of triangulations, they wouldn't touch the acorns that other squirrels had buried. Heck, I can't even do triangulation! LOL

So, Clint here is saying, "This park isn't big enough for both of us, Dude. Be out of town by sunset!"


"I'm alright
Nobody worry 'bout me
Why you got to gimme a fight?
Can't you just let it be?"

(The dancing gopher came to mind... And this song will definitely be rattling around in my head all day :-))

Apologies to Kenny Loggins


LOL, Jon. Lost in the leaves! That's how my walks with Maggie have been lately!


I am Hans, he is errr........What happened to Franz?....




Can anyone help me get out, I am lost.


Oh, nuts! I've lost them again. I know I left them here somewhere.