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Styggforsen, Dalarna, Sweden!

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The surroundings are incredibly dramatic. This rock is called the Bailiff's Rock, because a bailiff being tired of life once tried to force his horse - he was sitting on its back - out over the rock!! But the horse refused and ran home with him still on its back!! I do understand the horse so very well!!


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Indeed, PG, just hold their hands tightly and be sure where they are!! Thanks so very much!!


A great story Hanne and this one may be a little too much for the kids.


You bet, we watched carefully where we put our feet. No loose stones, please!! Yes, the story is wonderful, isn't it??!! Thanks so very much Jo!!


Hello up there!! Watch your step please!!
What a wonderful story!! Thanks for sharing with us!! :) :)


No, why should THEY want to die because that silly man did?? Jump on your own or go back with me, I think it has said to him!! Yes, we couldn't see that far, but all the rocky area around was below us. Thanks so very much Ardy!

Indeed it is, Jana, very surprising too!! Thanks so very much!!

You are so welcome, Sandy!! Thanks so very much!!


Smart horse. Thanks for the story Hanne.


I also understand horses, but this place is wonderful, thank you very much Hanne


Smart horse!! I think animals do not have a death wish like some people do. I remember a guide on a mule trip down cliffs in Molokai, Hawaii. He told us we didn't need to worry as the mules had no desire to slip over the edge either. Was it a great view from up top? Thanks for sharing, Hanne.