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The four seasons :)) II

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Dagmar, I appreciate your added information and will not be hasty in purchasing one. If you do have time to play with it over the holidays or whenever. I'd appreciate any new insight. It did a wonderful job on the lettle branches. I was wondering how you accomplished that with a mouse, so now I know. I still have lots to learn without adding a new contraption to my confusion. Keep posting your wonderful creations and I'll tak to you later.


Hi Judy, there is no problem with telling you what I know. :)) The reason why I wanted the Wacom Bamboo is a very simple one, it was the cheapest and most compatible one. Like you I didn't want to invest a lot of money into something that I might not be able to use.

Up to now I haven't used it very much - as I told you I don't have much time for creating at the moment - but there is no way of drawing anything useable with a mouse and with the tablet it becomes possible. I'm not very good at drawing, and drawing with a tablet is not the same as drawing with a pencil, but I suppose somebody good at it can draw really beautiful things.

The Bamboo works reasonably well with the Gimp, the program I usually use, sometimes it stops functioning - no the slightest idea why - but the only thing I have to do is close the file, close Gimp and start again and it works again. So this is no big problem.

I hope this is of some help Judy. :))


Thanks Dagmar. If you have time, I'd love to know if you'd recommend the bamboo tablet and why you chose it over other brands. Does it allow more precise positioning, or is that all up to your current software. I'm really curious. Who knows, I might want to give one too myself sometime after Christmas-- only if you think it would enhance the creative experience. I can draw just a bit, but never do. Have any thoughts? How big is your tablet? I promise not to keep bugging you if you let me know after you've had time to experiment with it over the holidays.

Hope all gets done in the Fall and you can rest and enjoy a slower pace even if it may be temporary. Take care.


I never would have been able to draw this with a mouse pad. I also use a laptop but with a good old mouse at my side. In summer I got a bambo drawing tablet for my birthday, and as you say it has been collecting dust for quite a long time now, but not because I didn't want to use it but because autumn is a very busy time for me and I have very little time to post puzzles, answer the comments and solve some very limited puzzles every day and I only can dream about drawing. :))

So I only can tell you that I tried it out a bit in summer and even though it is not the same as drawing with a pencil I've had quite some fun with it but not to the point of actually drawing anything usable yet.

When I did this image I used the mouse for everything except the small branches of the winter trees, when I got to this point I finally took the the tablet out of the cupboard to draw the fine little twigs.

Anyway I'm not very good at drawing with a pencil or a tablet but I love trying out new things and now I'm looking forward to my Chrismas holidays when I'll have some time again to experiment.


Dagmar, you drew this with a mouse? I could not begin to have that type of control. I am on a notebook computer with a mouse pad. That may be part of the problem. Ever tried a digital drawing tablet? I've been too afraid to invest even in the cheap ones, but I don't do much drawing, so it might just collect dust and become clutter. With your talent, you might really enjoy it, because it acts like you are using a pencil, so I'm told. Anyway, I'd love to know how you accomplish so much with just a mouse. Also, I agree with Jan about the different colors used on the borders.


Glad you liked my "painting" Whatnauts, as I said a mouse isn't a good substitue for a pencil but I had at least as much fun drawing this than you solving it. Thanks for coming round and your always enthusiastic comments. :))


Hi Jan, I'm learning from you :)) and I'm also surprised about the winter, as it is not your favourite season. Thanks for finding the time to drop in, but you really should be enjoying your holiday. :))


Wow, look you you!! What a clever idea. And a delight to solve.


Dagmar - this is gorgeous! I love the format. And thanks for the extra differently colored frames. That helped a lot in the solve! Very pretty and clever design! I loved the winter the best - It surprised me, too!
Thanks so much!! We'll talk more, later!


Thanks Judy, I sometimes try to draw something with the mouse, but it's so much more difficult to do so as drawing with a pencil, but at least the colours came out right for the seasons. LOL
I'm happy that you enjoyed the four-in-one puzzles and thanks for dropping by. :))


Es ist schön dass dir mein Experiment gefallen hat Hanne und vielen Dank für deinen Besuch. :))


I really llike the bright color contrast and enjoyed a four-in-one puzzle. Thanks so much for a fun solve.


What a fine idea, and you have made it so beautifully, Dagmar. Thanks so very much!!