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Who Knew???

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National Grammar Day was launched in 2008 by Martha Brockenbrough, founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, or SPOGG. You've got to hand it to Ms. Brockenbrough for her inspired choice of date, which forms a complete sentence: March forth!

It's not only a date, it's an imperative: March forth on March 4 to speak well, write well, and help others do the same!


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Thanks skpy - I found it an interesting website, with lots of examples to help me understand!! I glad you were interested too :~)


Thanks brightspark - it's nice of you to visit. Where abouts in SA are you from... my daughter lives in KwaZulu-Natal?


Thanks for the web site info,

It was an interesting article.


Amazing what punctuation can do, thx that was a lot of fun!


Glad you enjoyed it, whatnauts, thanks :~)


Another interesting Who Knew puzzle, monza. Thanks very much.


Thank you Janine, I'll do what I can to keep finding humour in my puzzles... it's such a great way to keep smiling and celebrating our lives. Those church bulletins take the prize though, in my opinion!!


LOL - Pat I'm glad I made your day!!

Thank you Mandy for posting this.
I did enjoy the defects on the bulletin board. It's as bad, and funny,
as the church bulletins I've read lately....LOL. Life can be too serious
at times, so when we can laugh at ourselves, we are the better for it.
Please send us more....Janine.


I now have made the acquaintance of the term "phrasal verb". My day is complete. :-)))


Thank you everyone for your fun comments, both the silly and the serious. I'm delighted you've been enjoying this day.... while I've been hard at work on my first day in a new job!!

I am particularly impressed with the written language I see on this site from users with other than English as their mother tongue... you know who you are!

I see Skpy and Pat both mention the use of prepositions... well, have a read of this to further enhance your knowledge... I was surprised!


I have so many pet peeves about poor grammar that I could open a petting zoo! LOL! I also have the panda book, and many others about grammar, as well as spelling and pronunciation. I always quote the rule that a preposition is a bad thing to end a sentence with. Also, it's much better to never split an infinitive.....


Mandy - thank you. Very interesting - and fun quotations. In the Germanic family of languages, grammar is complexe and difficult to learn, and you need to know the grammar - even for simple sentences. English is realtively easy to learn - but then the more you learn, the more complexe the grammar gets. (I remember studying grammar in order to write a thesis).


Just thought I'd add to the historical aspects but I think it is a good day to celebrate.


While I do agree that some grammatical mistakes should not be over looked, there are some rules that should be done away with. I can't remember the man who decided to make grammatical rules for the English language, but he tried to apply Latin rules to English. They were not always a good match. One rule, not ending a sentence with a preposition is preposterous. Even the guy writing the rules broke this one many times in his own writing. AND allowances should be made for anyone who speaks English as a second language.


As The Duke would say: "Now listen. And listen good."


OHHH, GEEEEEEZ, Mandy. I swear, I make at least one grammatical and/or spelling error a day. The only way I can see to get through this day is to not say or type a word. LOL


You found some great examples to illustrate today! Thanks Mandy!


easier, sorry, not to offend anyone.


OOOHHH, I seem to be way out here. The only one who does not like grammar. I am better than your examples though! Well, seem that I have to make a greater effort. English is esier than French anyhow.

Excellent. Grammar is rarely taught now in our schools. I really believe it should be a fundamental part of education. It is complex, but it is so important if we are to be able to have a full understanding of what we read and write. I've probably made loads of mistakes in this as I'm so conscious of trying to get it right on March Forth Day!


Oh, it's a really good one, Mandy!! Think we should do the same in Denmark, our language is spelled very differently too from what is pronounced!! But we can't use the sentence!! Thanks so very much!!


Naughty, Edie. LOL


Why does this puzzle bring out the bad in me. It's making me want to write with poor grammar. However I will try to contain myself and take it seriously. English is not an easy language to master. I know this from my family who came here when they were older and had to learn to speak and write it. In German every letter is pronounced so even if you knew nothing of the language and read it allowed you would still be understood by another German. We tested it years ago. Thanks for bring it to our attention Mandy. I never saw nothing like this before.


Mandy, Your examples are so funny. I have a book in my school library "The Panda Eats Shoots And Leaves." It's about commas and their use. I had a 7th & 8th grade English teacher who was very strong on grammar. We diagrammed long and complex sentences. I loved it. I applaud the non-English speaking solvers among us for their use of English. I try to set a good example but often find some horrible typos in what I've tried to write. Thank you for bringing this delightful day to our attention. Happy National Grammar Day to you, too.


A wonderful day.. Thanks Mandy


Ain't this a real good day to celbrate?/ LOL
Just kidding, Mandy. Seriously, it's wonderful to read or listen to a well articulated article or book, etc.
Thanks for a fun puzzle and the history behind National Grammar Day. :-)


I did not red it too closely befor solving. This is spelling, and I agry, not fare to judge foreners for thy're spelling! And now we have spell-check, no need to lern!


Oh no, not a nice day. My grammer is not so good in all languages I speak. But then, at my age it can be forgiven!!!