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Houseboats frozen solid in the winter ice

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Great Slave Lake, Yellowknife Canada, taken in november 2017.


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Beb, I just posted the puzzle in 3 smaller sizes. The link below leads to the size you requested. Have fun! It has been good corresponding with you. Zsuzsi


I read somewhere that one's convictions are reinforced ENORMOUSLY with the discovery that ONE other person in the universe shares them. It seems that on the size of her puzzles, we've found each other. :D

But it's a pity she doesn't do "tiny" because I'm sure there would be a lot more takers for puzzles that don't take HOURS to complete.



OK. My pleasure. I have done this once or twice. I follow her puzzles because they are so unusual. That is why I noticed your comment. I rarely work her puzzles because they are too much for me, also. For prior requests such as yours she has responded that she does not do "tiny" puzzles, so I know the drill. See you tomorrow or the day after. Zsuzsi


And you're offering to re-post it in a smaller size? That would be very much appreciated.
THANK YOU! (What a pity I don't have a heart-shaped special character available).

I will just look forward to seeing it tomorrow - or whenever you can. :D




Rock-hewn Medieval Churches and Monastery of Ivanovo, Bulgaria


Your comment below is obviously a much appreciated offer to assist with something, but who is Sienna, and to which puzzle are you referring? :) Thanks, Beb.


@blueeyedblond Beb, I hesitate to encroach on Sienna's puzzle domain, but if she doesn't respond, I'll be happy to post that puzzle in the smaller size you requested. I have reached my quota for today, but can do it tomorrow. Zsuzsi