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Lets see..If I paint the side of the barn facing the road....

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Lets see, if I paint the side of the barn facing the road, the neighbors will be happy AND not notice my silo is starting to lean....UNLESS one of those darn online puzzle solving nut cases comes by and......


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Thanks for the red paint info warbler - very interesting!! Here in Australia we don't have that tradition - most of our old barns,farm sheds & shearing sheds are made of corrugated iron & are left unpainted.


Love it ....


Great idea Gene. Classic actually.

And proud of it!


Dang jigidi yankee.


very nice warbler if you would paint the side by the silo red and make a shadow on it looking like the shadow of the silo maybe it would make one think the silo was straight LOL



The image of a quaint red barn against green grass is as American as apple pie, but where does the tradition come from? Although there are many myths about their rusty hue, early-day barns were painted red out of convenience and frugality.

One belief is that barns are red so a farmer's cows can find their way home, but if so, that's a failed strategy ? cattle are colorblind to the colors red and green .

Others believe the popularity of red barns came from copying Scandinavian farmers, who painted their properties in rusty hues so that they would appear to be made of brick, a material they considered to be a sign of wealth.

But barns weren't originally red ? in fact, they weren't painted at all. The early farmers that settled in New England didn't have much extra money to spend on paint , so most of their barns remained unpainted. By the late 1700s, farmers looking to shield their barns' wood from the elements began experimenting with ways to make their own protective paint.

A recipe consisting of skimmed milk, lime and red iron oxide created a rusty-colored mixture that became popular among farmers because it was cheap to make and lasted for years. Farmers were able to easily obtain iron oxide ? the compound that lends natural red clay its coppery color ? from soil. Linseed oil derived from flax plants was also used to seal bare wood against rotting, and it stained the wood a dark coral hue.


Good question, robryan. Its easy to see but why such a standard color everywhere. Great thought.


I'd love to know why red was such a popular colour! Bet the paint companies sold more red than anything else! Good one warbler - thanks.


They are harder to find, Tex but they are out there, too. You just have to go down the right path to find them. Thanks


You're kidding! You mean some of those falling down buildings have actually been doctored??? Now that's hard to believe! Nice one, Warbler, thanks.


On occasion. LOL


Really, Chickie? Do you use it often? Then the barn would lean and the cows would fall on their noses...

Thank you JC.


verry nice set today warbler!


You know there are photo programs that will allow you to straighten you pics warbler. LOL


Good one, Angelbender. Thanks.

Thanks Lyndee, I was careful.


LOL Warbler!

Funny one, warbler. The cows don't seem to mind the decor, or lack thereof.

With all that is going on at the Vatican, it reminds me of a story about the Pope traveling in really poor countries. The towns would map out his route and paint only the end and front of the buildings he would see as he passed. They knew he wouldn't look back and saved half the whitewash! :-)))