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Wordsworth Street, Hawkshead, Cumbria. Photo by Arnold Price

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Noggin never went into the pub, we had sold it by then. He did sit looking intently at nothing for ages, until we found that there was a tiny fly there lol. My visitor just ignores anything I say but doesn't seem harmful so I just put it down to being Jonathan making his presence felt


When my mum passed I distinctly heard her say 'Susan where's you hat'. I was leaving work on a cold, wet, dark night and that's the sort of thing she would have said to me when she was alive. What you've told me is so interesting, not that I would like that to happen in my house. Did Noggins pick up on anything? You must tell your visitor to leave your stuff alone, it might work. Thanks June...Sue


My husband and son saw a little old monk. In some rooms you could feel a presence and one night I heard one inside my head say "Where's your husband June" in a real slimy way, that was really creepy, and I am not one to hear things inside my head lol. Strangest thing was in the cottage where I live now. when I came out of hospital Jen had cleaned by bedroom and got rid of lots of stuff that would gather dust. everything had been moved including the bed. My favourite boots had gone but then so much had been turned out I got over it. that was in July. the bed was moved several times for cleaning. Christmas eve one of my boots turned up under the side of the bed and Boxing day the other one arrived. I know my kids had nothing to do with it, very odd. Stuff often disappears for a few days and then reappears. something went missing from my coffee table for a week and then it was just there again in its place I am just glad to have my little Italian style boots back


That's really interesting June. I feel old places leave an imprint and some pick up on the atmosphere it leaves. Did you see any ghost when you ran the pub...Sue


not as far as I know but in the 19th century two little boys were drowned in the stream that is in my back garden. It used to be a mill and the stream can get to be a raging torrent given enough rain. We used to own the pub next door which was haunted. when we were renovating we found a priest hole and in it was a pewter mug and a big green glass jar. In the morning the jar had gone but we still have the mug


I'd love to explore then find a nice pub, what do you think Joyce...Sue


Forgot I had to bookmark this one. Great puzzle and it would make an interesting walk through. Thanks Sue!! :))))
(time, 4:57)


I wondered if there was a connection to Wordsworth. People are saying how lovely the cottage is so you are lucky to have such a place to live in. Does your home have any historic stories to tell June? Sue


Wordsworth went to school in Hawkeshead, I wonder if he lived here. My house is 300 years old and this could be about the same, lovely. And strange to say I have never been to Hawkeshead either though I have passed by it


It's lovely, especially the stone flower holders...Sue


Beautiful and so quaint - love streets like this :-)


Hi Francine, I use Google Map too especially if I'm going somewhere I've never been too. It helps me navigate the towns and find car parks. I don't have a sat nav, I preferre good old fashion map books and Google. It's good you can visit us without having to leave your home..Sue


Thanks Sue, I found this interesting also.
I love the opportunity of using Google Map after seeing your photos. The U.K. is no longer as foreign to me.


This is June/Noggins neck of the woods. I love Cumbria and have been up there a few times but haven't visited Hawkshead. I don't know how old all this is but the road looks original and cobbled. Thank you 48 and Denise I'm glad you both enjoyed your visit...Sue


what a wonderful looking street Sue! I appreciate the splash of color the flowers provide, and enjoy the architecture of the building - as well as the little block/stone planters. thank you!


Quaint street. I have not seen anything like it before. Thanks sue