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Home Sweet Home

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  1. Malta3:27
  2. perleblanche3:46
  3. Kate1094:18
  4. Iampaul4:48
  5. liz554:48
  6. dadom4:48
  7. codyg1234:49
  8. Chuckeroo4:49
  9. zsy4:59
  10. Moni815:09


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Lovely post and have a Happy Birthday!

Beautiful home. I love the flowers.


Lynetee and Donna, I did not post aything today. My cable service was out all day. Just got on. Save puzzles for tomorrow. Haney :-)


Good morning, Haney. This is such a lovely place. It looks a little old yet it is so lovely and "charming" (as Lynetteoz said). I love the flower boxes and the rustic look of it. Great puzzle and thank you for posting it.
I saw where you celebrated your 81st birthday the weekend and when I read it, I just about jumped out of my skin because I thought I had "missed it." I have a note on the computer desk here of May 29th to remember your birthday and I thought I had MISSED IT. :-))) You really gave me a start this morning. :-) It sounds as if it was a great celebration and I am so happy you enjoyed it and had a great time. I'm still waiting until tomorrow to officially wish you a Happy Birthday. (ha)


Charming home Haney - looks so idyllic and pretty :-)

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