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Maybe we'll have an apricot this year?

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Annjax, I wish I HAD a secret! This particular tree is a volunteer- - the variety of plant that invariably does better for me than any other. I can't tell you how many fruit trees I've planted that all turned up their toes and departed - - persimmons, avocados, peaches, plums, almonds, berries, grapes - - well, you get the idea! But, being a stubborn type, I keep trying. Citrus, fortunately, is easy here in So. Ca. (birthplace of the California citrus industry), so I have lots of them. This year, I've planted several new fruit trees, so we'll see what happens. I've read that overwatering is a major cause of death for plants, so I try to avoid that. Of course, lack of water is equally deadly, and much easier to do in this arid climate. Oh, yes - - and tomatoes are an annual challenge for me. They start out like gangbusters, but by midsummer they are starting to succumb to plant diseases and pests, since I like to grow heirloom and oddball varieties (especially black ones!) that are not disease resistant. Just one last note: if you have gophers, they will eat the roots of fruit trees.


OOOPS! Sorry---I hope you have an abundance of un-pecked apricots this year. Maybe your kitty will help. And this is a very pretty picture & puzzle. There's just something about white blossoms that appeal to me, so I really like this one Thanks..............


Hi Plumpy. I love apricots, too, & I've tried three times to grow them. They must think of me the way seeds, African Violets, & begonias do---that I'm TOTAL death to their species! The little trees have died every time. I want to try again (poor things!) so I'm asking you for your secret. I'll admit, I bought inexpensive little ones from ---(shhh!-- Mich. Bulb)--- before. Maybe I should try larger trees but having to plant them myself, I now can't handle much. My illness in August has left me a wimp! Any tips on how this wimp can get them to LIVE? If I can just do that much then I'll worry about the fruit later. Thanks, Varda..............


Thanks, Tex! I froze a few figs, so I could send you a few, but it's probably better to wait for this year's crop - - freezing does not improve the quality!

Hanne, if I'm lucky, I'll get a few apricots, but most of them will be "sampled" by the local avian population (same for figs!). I let my newest kitty adopt me on the express understanding that he would help protect the fruit from the birds. He probably tries, but the task is really more than he can handle!


Ohhh, we had apricots once in a greenhouse!! It was so marvellous to pick a fresh one and eat it!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


I still want some of those figs you hoarded last year!! Thanks, nice puzzle.