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Neon Fractals! (small)

36 pieces
68 solves
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Laurajane! Thank you so much. It makes me smile when you say those nice things! :)


Pretty neon colors, JB! Love your puzzle.


Pat - Thank YOU!

Rosie - I tried a fractal maker program and they just didn't turn out, darn it! What a wonderful compliment! I really must, seriously, take some of my favorite puzzles that are in high resolution and print them properly to hang on my wall. Why not. I never think of puzzles as are, really. But, I have seen so many Jigidiers that really have made beautiful artworks. So who knows......


I know I'm a day behind but I want to lay claim to one of each, please enlarged to 20x20 and framed in mahogany so I can hang them, as you have above, on the wall in my dining room. They are so beautiful they deserve to be displayed and to bring sunshine and joy to an old shut in (just joking) who lives in the freezing cold (Mn, not joking). You must go into business and pass on your masterpieces, for a very minimal fee of course. And your explanation of fractals was perfect. There are great fractal galleries on line and lots of programs for making them. I just found all of them last night and all I did was Google fractal. Now I just have to learn how to make them. Thanks for the fun or all of your puzzles especially the boards and collages.


Good one thanks Jan


Katie - smart choice. Staying in can be a lot of fun!! We're grey and boring! Thank you !

PJ - You are so welcome. It is not exactly an easy thing to describe! But, I have loved them forever!


Jan - thank you very much for a fine explanation. I understand, it makes sense to what I've seen of fractals in the Art section. I will google the term too,


I love your neons Jan! They make me smile happily!!! Just checked accuweather to find that we're up to 23 degrees F with the wind chill at 16 - brrr! I'm staying in today for sure.


Boy, PJ - that is a tough one to explain. But, here goes: A fractal is a complex geometric pattern that repeats itself. So, when you look at any section of it, no matter how small, it will actually repeat the same overall pattern throughout. There are all kinds of designs that can be made, but the pattern repetition is the key element.

Most of us mis-use the term to indicated an often shiny swirl or vortex. To really get a feel for it, you should google the term. But, remember it is a mathematical form that is repeated.
Wow, that ought to confuse you, but it's the best I can do.

p.s. - Thanks for your comments!!


BRRRRRR, Edie! I'm glad I live in a warmer place. I promise never to complain again! (until the next time. LOL) You're right, gloves/mittens just don't cut real cold


Just lovely, Jan - beautiful images, my fave is the bottom left with it's shiny green color :-)
Jan - what is the difference between a fractal and a kaleido? (Kaleidos I know about, but...)


Not only do I have to go out I have to clean and feed the chickens and walk the dogs. Luckily I have a balaclava that only leaves my eyes out and a very warm Eddy Bauer jacket. The biggest problem is always my fingers. I have every type of glove and mitt out there and they still get very cold.
Come to the conclusion that I am ' 7 Board Challenged'. Just stumbling along there and crashing around.
But still having fun doing it.


Edie - I think my nose fell off just thinking of that temperature! Oh MY!! Do NOT go outside. Enjoy "riding the waves" and try to make a soft landing on the beach! LOL

Hester - thanks! I made these just to make YOU smile! :D))


Yikes, that is COLD, 2d7c!
Jan, neons AND fractals! You are spoiling us! This is delightful! :-))


Thanks for the cheery summer colours Jan. I need them. It was -22 C when I went to let out the chickens this morning. Luckily no wind. Now a balmy -17. Hittin the surf boards now it's so warm.


ANOTHER caboose! You are certainly blessed with leftover train cars all over. And now Susan finds another! I think you are the "Caboose Whisperers!) LOL Let us know when you are a Granddaddy officially!


Great news, Jan! Susan found a caboose and took pictures for me! BTW, momma felt it was time and went to the hospital. Still waiting for the call!