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Going through the Car wash

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Had to get the car washed today and see my little CUTIE.... Boy is he cute....


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Thanks Fran... He came home today now is it up to Mom to keep him off for 6 that leg for 6 to 8 weeks...
Katie don't you just love to have little cutie ....


Lucky you Pat! I love that he give you extra discounts on car services. Lucky for me there's a couple of them at my grocery store.


Good for you, Pat. Another neat photo.
How's your grandson?


Laruajane whew glad you got it .... he sure is..... I told him one time that I just came thru too see him and he laughted....
Tex no I didn't .... he told me that I make his day ...... he is always giving me coupons for oil changes and such....
Lorna you got too have a cutie ..... life would so boring without one...
Thanks Treker ... now that's from a mans side....
Ank I see you have your cutie..... I know I get a little crazy at times ... but don't we all??


Good for a big smile. I know what you mean, If I go to the hardware store I always look for a certain young man. I try to walk behind him just watch the way he walks. Love it.
Good morning dear Sissy. The sun is shining, the temp is 40F, not much wind, it almost feels like spring. I hope you will have a lovely day.


I LOVE it!!


You're too funny Pat! Good one!


Pkin, you're a slick chick! Love the part about getting his discount! I bet you didn't even tell him either, did you? Ha, ha, you're good!


Oh, now I get it. Your own personal cutie.


Thanks warbler that's right just take advantage of being the age I am.... And he just talks to and me holds up everyone.


Nothing wrong with having a cutie around! Great idea photo, PG!


Oh Laurajane and Ardy .. if you could see him you would know what I mean ....When ever I want to get a cutie fix I just go to the carwash.. There is a cute young man that is manager there and he even gave me his discount one day so I would get try the better wash... even though I can get a free wash everyday if I wanted too.. So today I got my car washed and cutie fix. It is the Dealership where I bought my car and I get a free wash as long as I own the car....


CUTIE? At the car wash? Care to explain?


Colorful car wash, Pat. Cutie?