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England, dogs, and owls! 5

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This is Phoebe, a Great Grey Owl. She has the softest feathers and the sweetest disposition!


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Thank you, everyone! I'm enjoying sharing my owl encounter experiences with you. Phoebe looks very hefty, doesn't she? But looks are deceiving - she only weighs about 4 pounds! She's a big puffball with a very tiny skeleton. On the back of her head I sank my index finger up to the hilt in her feathers and still could not feel her skull! I did not want to say good-bye to her.


Phoebe's face is so perfect it looks painted!


Magnificent looking owl Jan


Well, hello there Phoebe! You have got to be the most beautiful owl I have ever laid eyes on in my entire lifetime! And, believe me, that's a very long time! You are just too pretty for words! Thank you waxwing for sharing these pic's with us! That was fun!


that's one beautiful owl. We have an Owl Sanctuary near us at Ravenglass Cumbria