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Dr. Faust stein. According to legend Dr. Faust, a 16th century alchemist, sold his soul to the devil in exchange for magical powers. Goethe?s dramatic and poetic account of Faust in one of the great pieces of literature of all time. Peter Duemler (leading German sculptor of the 19th century) shows scenes from Goethe?s Faust in three panels. In the center is Faust and Gretchen. On the either side are Faust with Mephistopheles. Lid and thumb lift are heavily engraved solid pewter. Stoneware stein is 9 3/4 inches tall, 1/2 liter and is a limited edition. Peter Duemler signature stamped on bottom.


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You are quite welcome for the comments. Not everyone likes steins.


I lift my stein to you with the posts and history today, Jan!


They are all beautiful, Jan, Thanks.


Love the story ... Thanks