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Antique Button Bracelet

90 pieces
137 solves
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I did manage to obtain the antique buttons my family had. I was very disappointed to discover that my children played with them and made off with many.

I had cool porcelain ones with decals of flowers and those I miss most.


Lulu - Tampagirl commented on her picture of "Flowers for my Sister" about 4 days ago. Still busy with her sister.
Kittenlove . . . yes, isn't this a fun puzzle!

I collect buttons and wondered how I could use some of them. I like this idea and will try it.
Thanks quartina....for sharing with us.

Hi,Quartina. Great puzzle and very tactile...can just feel these buttons!! I haven't been on site for a couple of weeks because of computer glitch. Have you heard anything from Tampa Girl concerning her sister's post-op condition? She's in my thoughts often...