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Grid In Barb's Blues And Teals (I Hope!)--Swirled

49 pieces
65 solves
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LOL! Thanks, Ardy!


This is definitely swirling. I think I've had enough blue and teal for tonight. Thanks Pat.



I just finished Hanne9's frosted glass puzzle, and it was a doozy--only 2 solves so far--but really fun, so I'm glad I'm not posting these until tomorrow!


Sounds like a good plan to me. I will definitely be feeling the "blues" tomorrow. LOL : )


Well, I'll add my 3 cents then! I like the colors in the embossed swirl better, as well, so I think I'll post that one in 3 sizes, and make this one a private puzzle in the large size, because I think most people will feel the same way. And, with the non-swirly grid in these colors coming tomorrow in large, they'll get a chance at what I think will be even tougher than the swirly, having fewer clues in the straight version... Thanks, whatnauts and Aishahm--and if I change my mind, you'll be the first to know! LOL!


I really like the swirl of colors in the embossed puzzle. Not sure which one I would prefer to be larger. I like the colors more in the embossed one, but this one here would be a much bigger challenge because of the similar colors. Whatever you choose is fine with me. Personally, I would do them both, but I know that some would probably choose one or the other, depending on how much of a challenge they want.


If I might stick my nose into this discussion, I'd prefer the embossed swirly larger. No rush tho. Will wait and see what aishahm thinks.


Oh, wait--I also made the embossed one swirly:

I don't want to post large sizes of both the one we're on AND the link, so which would you prefer? Or shall I just post the one we're on, then wait a week or two, and post the link in small and large then?..... I don't know if anyone would want to do BOTH of them, especially when there are so many other puzzles out there--and I have new color combos to post myself! :-))) But I could always make a private one... Anyway, whatever you'd like--thanks!


You got it! :-)))


And I think we need a larger version of this one as well.