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Get out of the way Jenny!!

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That is still a lot of work yellow!

I forgot to mention that 2 of the trees are 4 ft. tall tabletop trees!!


Thanks YO, all Jenny's work.

Beautiful tree Robbie!


Hi sladjana, greetings to you and your family, thank you.
PG you are so perceptive, I couldn't even wipe the sweat off my face before making the tea!! Thanks mate.
Hi yellow, Jenny says thanks, me too. 3 trees? Wow, that is one way to please everyone! I'll check Amazon for next year, thanks.
I cook and solve puzzles as well Jacques, get your facts straight......mate!! Thanks.


lucky to have Jenny, you do not do anything except eat,
they should do all the work!

Jenny . . . fantastic, gal after my own heart! I love the elegance & simplicity of white and silver . . . so pretty.

Robbie: my husband & you would get along famously, the more colors & decor the better he likes it (we have 3 trees that await us), so everyone is happy! AMAZON HAS THE BUBBLE LIGHTS, CHECK IT OUT !!


Robbie I see it all the time, we do all the heavy lifting plus make tea and they get all the credit. Life is just not right. I know when it is your turn she will want all the credit for making all the Scotch and soda.


A beautiful Christmas tree and Jenny.Greeting :)


Thanks Hanne.
Hi PKH, Jenny doesn't drink alcohol, so tea it is. Well she does enjoy a few glasses of port at Christmas! Thanks.
Healer I had a couple of those........on Long Island of all places! My mate took me to place on the coast that specialized in them. All I can remember is they had a really big boat that took people outside the Island water limits and they gambled for several hours and then came back into port. Something to do with no gambling on Long Island or this particular area, I really couldn't care less, the LIIteas went down very well! Thanks.
OK PK, she says no problem! Thanks.


Jenny you are doing a great job. Now come to my house and decorate my tree.


Pumpkinhead, should we have Robbie make that a "Long-island Ice Tea" instead?


Tea? After such a grueling day, I would think it would require more than TEA~!
Such a pretty tree, by the way!


Certainly it looks pretty!! Thanks so very much Robbie!!


Tea coming up Healer, thanks.
Thanks GS and snooker.
Celeste I have to admit that Jenny took the boxes down as I was on jigidi this morning. She was not very pleased, how was I supposed to know, I was solving puzzles!! Thanks.
Yes the tea was ready ages ago, yours is cold now........LELA!!
Thanks BJ.
Keep wondering Graci, we will help you!! Thanks.
Thanks Shirley, Jenny is pleased.
Good spotting PPM, it is a little bat, supposed to warn people not to walk into the door. Personally I kind of like watching someone squash their nose on it!! Have you seen the Windex ad with the crows cracking up at the guy doing just that? I crack up every time I see it!! Thanks.
Thanks from Jenny chickie, seriously i did not help, I am afraid I might put a decoration on crooked!!


It's a beautiful tree Jenny/Robbie.


And what is the small creature/object on the window pane?


Well done Jenny, Beautiful Tree, I love it, Thank you.


Jenny does all the work and you get exhausted? I always wondered why we need men around! LOL!!


looking pretty good


Is the tea ready yet?......


Looks good so far
Great job Jenny. psst.. Make Robbie put the boxes away.. geeshh you always doing all the work..


Good job, Jenny. :)


Jenny, your tree looks gorgeous!


Lovely tree Robbie, thanks. Hi Jenny, nice job!
I'll take some tea too Robbie, the next time you go to the kitchen, if you're making some.


Hi cevas, you are welcome and thank you.


Beautiful tree! Thanks Jenny and Robbie!


HAHA good on you Ank. I must admit that it looks lovely at night and Jenny works very hard at getting it right. I do like the colours though, my dad puts up an artificial tree with all kinds of colours. 8 trees? Even small, that is a lot of work, must look wonderful, thanks.


Poor Robbie, so tired. And Jenny is just playing a little with that tree. I think you need a drink and a good rest.
I like both, I like this way and the colors way. We don't have a big tree but 8 small trees, everything with colors. We don't have real trees, because I'm allergies for it.
A beautiful puzzle thanks


Hi Lela, close, that is Bubba the Koala climbing up to his buddy Henry the reindeer! She has had these two for over 40 years and purely coincidental that Bubba has my name!!
Hi PD, I'm with you, plenty of colour, tinsel and the bubble lights were always my favourites but cannot find them here anymore. Thanks.
Thanks Buck, Yes it does.......Dare I splash with red paint???!!! NO WAY!!
Hi Gloria, Jenny is sitting right here smiling at all the compliments, thanks.

Hello Robbiel! Tell Jenny dat I like d way which she decorated d tree. Lelabugosi, u r 2oo much.


It goes very well with her white walls....


Yes, it does, Lela...

Lovely tree--my daughter Jessica always decorates hers that way. Me, I'm of the old school style--the more colors, lights (especially bubblers and twinklers), ornaments--and a dash of tinsel for seasoning--the better!


What's on the top?....(looks like a teddybear climbing up to an owl).....


This year is Jenny's turn to decorate the tree her way.....Silver and white. I had to straighten it and secure in the stand AND make her tea!! I was exhausted!! She did a pretty good job after several hours.