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Fancy in the trash can. (rescue kitten)

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You can tell she was use to scavenging for food to survive.


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She's getting there!


Gotta love her! She's an opportunist alright! From what I can see of her, she's making a good recovery - especially if she can leap in the bin!


Hi gnt. Thanks for checking in. Rocky picked it up from Fancy, just being around her. It's a virus. I'm sure they'll be ok, it's just taking a little time and Vet visits. They are my fur children. Gotta take care of them.


too bad to hear about the problems u are having hope it all works out ok nice pic


Hi Faye, haven't had much time to get the computer. We've had a few days of family time with our girls and their families. It was wonderful. Everyone went home Monday, so we rested for a couple of days. The place is too quiet now though.

No, there's been no news on my missing Muskers...her picture is still posted. Sad.
Fancy had to have another shot and more eye medication, now Rocky has caught what she has and had to go to the Vet too for the same treatment.


Have the meds worked...Fancy feeling better? Any news about your missing kitty?


Thanks Maryrob, I hope so.

Hi Jack, glad you like it, I couldn't resist taking the picture, had to do it.


haha, funny picture Healer!


I'm very glad she is doing well,I foresee years of happiness for you two!!!


Thanks Plumpossum, me too. I'll have to buy her some bling for her photo.


I look forward to seeing a picture of her when she is fully recovered and no longer a bedraggled little waif.


Oh, Susan you'd asked about Rocky. He is still sneezing, a little now and then, but it's no worse, no coughing or anything. He is due to have a Vet visit soon anyway. I'll have them give him the once over, twice.


Faye, I know what you mean, my heart goes out to her when she does things like that.

Susan, you're welcome, and it's amazing what these little rescues have been through to just survive.

so glad to see she's doing better, she's been on my mind. how's Rocky? still sneezing? after 9 years my petsmart adoptee cat still still lights up when he hears plastic, whether cheese wrappers or shopping bags. i don't know if his feline mother would drag items to her hideout before they were rescued or it's just the sound that fascinates him. thanks again for the update.


I still say...It breaks my see any living being that fearful of going hungry.


Pumpkin, that's a fur ball all right!

Snooker, you nailed it. That's what is going on. Tonight I put butter in a skillet to fry a steak, and before we could get the meat in the pan, she jumped on the stove and ate the butter! I put her in the man cave while we fixed supper. Bless her heart.

Bluevans, thank you for sharing your story, thank goodness you're friend saw the little thing! You saved it's life! Thank you for YOUR efforts! And I appreciate your kind words. You're right, it's worth it.


She looks much better, even from that view. So glad you nursed her back to health. Several years ago I was driving down the road with my girlfriend and she hollered,"Stop, it's a baby!" We stopped and rescued a scrawny kind of long-haired calico looking thing before she staggered into the street and got run over. Found she had fleas, a terrible earmite infestation and a urinary tract infection. Took her straight to the vet after hours , took a few days for her to even be able to pee properly. Madeline turned into one of the prettiest most well-adjusted cats you've ever seen. We had 4 other cats at the time and she nearly took over the house. Wonderful to see your compassionate efforts are paying off to give a kitty a good life, it's always worth the effort.

Have had numerous strays over the years and they all seem to eat like they don't know where the next meal is coming from. It takes anywhere from a year to 6 years after being adopted for them to walk away and leave food in the bowl. It's as if they are afraid not to eat everything in sight just in case there is no more food later. Gotta love 'em.


I think I see a big fur ball in your trash can! :)


Hi Faye, She's coming along, and quite reserved, she's still not really letting her personality out yet.

Thank you bentleyd, the fact that she's improving gives me hope for her recovery.

Hi Angelbender, she did need help. Our help, and the shape she was in when found...Gods help. And she can be a funny little thing. Her coordination isn't the best, so I let her win when we play, you can tell she proud of herself.

Carol! Payton is a very lucky little boy too. Bless you for taking him in. And thanks for the heads up on trash can potential. 8 years later! Oh boy! He sounds like a real character! And has a good apatite too! =)))

Hi Mimi, thanks for checking on her, and I couldn't resist taking the photo. Once I saw her, and held her...I couldn't walk away from her. She was family.


So happy to hear the good update on Fancy. It really sounds like she is doing very well. I love this funny picture. Please keep us posted! And again thank you for the love and care you are giving this needy little critter.


So good to hear of Fancy's progress! She is going to be one beautiful girl. Payton was "on the streets" before the rescue got him. 8 years after I adopted him he still considers the kitchen trash as having potential. (BTW we/he was at the Vet this AM and she "suggested" he is getting a little "chunky"). :))))))

It sounds like she needed you to help her. With all the TLC you are providing she is going to do fine. Thanks for sharing a funny moment. :-)))


Im glad she is on the mend Healer:-)


Ooooh...breaks my heart!


Thank you for telling me about Ernie, I hadn't seen his photos. He's beautiful! And very lucky to have you!

Thank you petsmom, Fancy has a ways to go, and she's made herself at home here.

Yea Healer. So glad you rescued. I bet Fancy is very thankful.


Hi Healer: I'm kinda new to Jigidi so I didn't know about Fancy's story. My husband and I adopted a "tuxedo tabby", Ernie, about four years ago. He'd been hit by a car and almost lost his front right leg. But we would have adopted him anyway because he's so cute and funny. I've posted a couple of Ernie pics on Jigidi if you haven't seen him already. Kudos to you for helping Fancy get a better life. :)


You're welcome robryan.


Good to hear that she's doing better Healer - thanks for the update.


Thanks cobalt, she is more playful, and I keep kitten food out for her all the time, since she was malnourished. When she gets a clean bill of health from the Vet, I'll change her feeding times.
She is still sneezing, but not as often, her eyes still drain some, and I'm treating that.
All in all, I think she's doing better too. Thanks for checking.


An appetite is a good sign. She must be doing better


But hey.....Root Beer is good too.


Well, I hadn't thought of that.
I threw away the wrapper that was on a fast food hamburger, and she dove right in there after it. Not once, three times, till I removed it and put it in a closed container. It smelled like food, I was afraid she'd eat the paper.
She eats like she's not sure when she'll get to eat again, beacuse that was her life.


There's an A&W rootbeer box in the trashcan.


Digging up an A&W?


The things one will do for an A&W rootbeer....