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Dagmar, you're being silly. I LOVE so many of your creations. You don't have to learn a lot at all! Just keep doing what you've been doing. :-)


I absolutely loved this one when I saw it Wendy, but I have to bookmark it until the weekend. :)) your colour combinations are always marvellous they blend so well together. I still have a lot to learn. I'm looking forward to some fun at the weekend. :))


Mandy, it's rare that any point of yours makes sense, but for some very odd reason, it does right now. I'm still excited for you! I'll check my email in a bit, my dear.

chilisand, I actually have some expensive ergonomic mice, and now that I no longer solve puzzles....and no longer have to worry about being fast, I should try them out again. Thank you for reminding me. I'm very, forgetful at times.
I'm chuckling at your selfishness. Well, I don't want to deprive you so I'll try not to take a day, or a week, or a month off in the future. ;-)


Wendy, instead of staying off hte computer, try changing your mouse. Get a different design like a thumbball or an ergonomic, if you have the standard mouse. It may help, and it certainly won't make it any worse. And selfish me, I won't be deprived of your wonderful puzzles.


LOL - I'm glad my "point" makes sense!!
Yay - in less than 24 hours I will be asleep in preparation for my early morning airport visit on Friday!!!
I read the comments re the glitch... and left my own.
Re totally separate thing... please check your email!!! :~))


Mandy, you've made an excellent point- I believe that you've been good at being good. And more importantly, that you excel at being bad too. LOL

I'm excited for you and your VIP you well know already.

On another note, I found Jigidi's first major glitch. Click on my Wendy13 alias and read the comments on the 48 piece flower puzzle.


Ahhh... well I never did buy into the myth that you have to be good all year in order to get a present... and who's going to define good anyway??? I'm very very good.... at solving puzzles!!! I might also be extremely good at doing things that are "naughty"... so technically I could be being good, while I was being bad!!! I'm being bad at the moment.... I should not be solving puzzles... I should be preparing a bed for my VIP guest and doing some washing.... but solving your puzzles FEELS good!!!! I'll have to leave you to decide if I "deserve" to open these presents!!!! ;~))) LOL


No, I haven't seen a doctor about it. I already know what I have to do...or at least should do. I should stay off the computer for about 6 months....but I'm not willing to do that. I took a full month off and just about went crazy. That was just another form of torture.

Geeeez, I hope your knee surgery turns out well. And speaking of hands, I always wonder how you CONTINUE to solve the big puzzles when you have rheumatoid arthritis. That's amazing to me.

I had a great Thanksgiving....thank you, and hope you did as well. I better tell you what I want for Christmas before you go shopping tomorrow. Otherwise you'll be at a loss for what to get me, and...well....I don't want you being confused. So to fix that before it happens, a.....geeeeez, I can't think of anything I want except a new hand....and I don't think you can buy one of those, or at least not in any Christmas Special sales (where the price is discounted).

I'm very happy you're back too. And yes, I love most of the things that Magnus and Stefan have done to make the site better. And even the few things that are a bit bothersome right now, may not be bothersome when I get more used to them.


I am sorry to hear your hand is still bothering you. Did you ever get an official diagnosis? I have knee surgery this Friday for a previous injury that has come back to make my life miserable. I had to go off the medicine that makes my hand feel better, in preparation for the surgery. Now, my had is miserable again. Glad to get all of this over with and back to ?normal? soon.

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving. I have to do my Christmas shopping tomorrow because I will not be able to drive for a week or so. I am not brave enough to let my 15 year old drive me around. Scary?.

I am very happy to be back, and solving Wendy puzzles again. It was nice to see the new Jigidi layout today!


Amy, Amy, Amy! I missed you! I noticed that you hadn't been around and wondered what happened.
Don't ask about my hand. I'll just say that I had to take a month off not that long ago, and then a week off more recently....because of the darned thing. I'm debating whether or not to cut it off. Last night that's what I was dreaming about doing....seriously. lol


Oh Wendy, I loved it too! I am so glad you are back. I have not been doing puzzles in a while, but I know you took a break for a bit. How is your poor hand?


Mandy, these colors are so out of the ordinary for me, but as I kept switching colors (which I did), I found that the combinations were kind of cool. And so....this was the final result. I'm so glad you liked the change. What I especially love about this is that for the first time ever, the lines look pretty sharp.

After rereading your message, I realize that you think these are presents. Well....hmmmm, have you been a good girl this year?


Wendy this is fabulous, and so pretty with your use of the softer pastels. If I open one per day the fun will last a whole month!!! Thank you :~)))