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Pretty in Pastels! (medium)

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The center image was made from the same original image. I did not use a kaleidoscope effect on it. I used two other effects instead.
(thanks to Barb, I thought I'd explain)


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I'll add to that, KittyDivine - - Have it rain only at night!! It is a beautiful weekend!!


Yep, I am! Happy that it isn't raining this weekend - hoping most winter weekends will be like this. Rain during the week!


Kirsten - You and June both had truly "pastel" colors today. I got a kick out of that mind-meld. But, you are right....for ME, this is pastel. (I also think of pastel as a texture!)


You make me laugh, Jan!! I love how you call this "pastels". It says a lot about how you love the bright and bold, that this is your idea of pastel!! Look at those bright greens and blues. And bold red and oranges. LOLOLOLOL

But I love it, no matter what we call the hue!! Such gorgeous patterns and colours. And the clarity! POW!!! Thanks so much Jan. :))))


LOVE your avatar, KittyDivine! Are you a fellow Portlander?


I heartily agree that a little color is very necessary on these grey Portland days!


Kara1 - I thank you for referring to this as happy! It cheers me up from the grey days in Portland, OR!

Dogmom - It's always nicer when you like them all! Pink and Orange seem to "get together" a lot in my kaleidos and I'm not sure why!

Thanks for the comments!


Very pretty to solve on a wintry day. I don't usually like pinks and orange together but they certainly work here. I can't pick one square over another as they are all pretty.


Wonderful colors! Very happy-making. Thanks!


Thank you so much, Mariasha! I'm glad you liked it!! Happy New Year!

Whatever you used to create this was a good thing! I enjoyed solving it...thank you Jan!


Thanks so much, Ardy! The top right one is yours!!


Jan, wonderful., I'l have the top right and middle. for general pleasure and the middle right and top left for Christmas and the rest for when I need something pretty. Thanks. Love them all.


Oh Barb - that would be TOO easy. Nope, for the middle one I used two other effects - NOT a kaleidoscope. Yes, they all were made from the same image, though! :D


Very pretty images, Jan, which I assume were all made from the middle one? :-)