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My wife asked me to post this plant since she had no posts left for today! Hope this helps answer any questions about the plant that ToonyLunes asked about!


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Hello Gary. Goodness gracious, you make me blush with all you said about me! I do get a bit angry & upset when a plant dies, the ungrateful thing---after all I've done for it, giving it a good home and all. But I guess it's just meant to be sometimes. But really, I have no luck with seeds & begonias-- I have one now that has 'died', I thought, & come back three times. It has struggled so hard that I've thought of giving it to someone in the hope of sparing it anymore torture. I also cannot grow African Violets. Some things I've tried 3 or 4 times with no luck.
I am SO glad you got Monica a plant. She so much wants to have a pretty spot outside, full of green plants & colorful flowers. I know it gets really expensive but whatever you both can do will help. I am also very proud of you---for saying what you did about loving to be the reason for a smile. It's wonderful to hear a man say it, especially after several years. Just always remember how happy you both were when you were 'courting' & don't ever stop courting her.............


Hello there Ann, 'phew' thank you so very much for letting me off the hook! I bought her a really nice one, can't remember the name of it but she was completely thrilled with it as you said she would be! So thanks so much for that, I always love being the reason for putting a big smile on her face! Right now she has it sitting inside of the kitchen sill in the window and is totally babying it!
O.M.G. Monica wasn't kidding, your a regular riot you are! I am so L.M.A.O. right this very minute! Tears are actually running down my face as I try to write this to you, good Lord I can't stop laughing as I keep picturing this lady standing there with her hands on her hips jumping up and down in rage screaming at her plants ' Whaaaaat? Is it my breath, is it my feet, for gosh sake's just tell me what I have to do to make you WANT TO LIIIIIIIVVVVVE!' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 'CHOKE, SOB, GASP' 'ACK, ACK' HAHAHAHAHAHA 'ACK, ACK' 'GASPING..... FOR..... AIR' 'CAN'T..... BREATH' HAHAHAHAHAHA...................O.K. I'm o.k., deep breaths, deeeeep breaths, "PHEW" That was a close one, I thought for a minute that I was having an asthma attack, and I'm not the one with the asthma! Well then, if your that bad at keeping plants alive maybe your right, I think you'd know best! I don't think Monica or myself for that matter would want you to be a plant murderer either! L.O.L. With or without bad breath or stinky feet! L.O.L. You know what, I sure wish my wife had more friends like you on this site! You seem like a really great friend to have, thank you for befriending Monica the way you have! She needs people like you in her life, people that can make her laugh the way you so effortlessly seem to do! Just felt that I needed to say that! Your good people Ann!


Okay, Gary, you're off the hook about the plant. That was what I meant---a plant in real life. Sorry I wasn't more clear. I know she wants her garden REALLY badly and I thought by the title that you were giving the LIVE begonia to her. She would be so thrilled to start getting the plants for her garden, even if she can't put them outside for awhile. So I agree---she would love that best of all!
And yes, I really am death to certain plants. I don't know why. I feed 'em, give them a good bed to sleep in, or to watch the goings-on of their neighbors. I give them baths & provide them with shelter. Heck, they get all this room & board for free and all I ask in return is that they bloom for me once in awhile. *sob* But what do they do? They curl up their leaves & roots and die! *sob,sob* Maybe I have bad breath when I talk to them. Or, heaven forbid, stinky feet! GASP! So I content myself with other plants & rarely mess with seeds & begonias anymore. I don't like feeling like a murderer! --with bad breath or stinky feet.................


Ank- I said hello to Monica for you Ank, thanks so much! Yes, this is definitely the plant! Nite all!

Ann- Awe, I'm sure your not that bad with plants! Monica says that you can be surprisingly dramatically funny at times! I heard her in our room just the other nite while I was in the living room watching t.v. and came in to see what was sooooo funny and she said it was your comment to her! I swear, I thought she was gonna go into a complete fit of histarics cause she was laughing so hard! After reading your comment to her myself, I can see why she says your such a comic! I promise you I will find a nice plant and send it to her, but I think I will do it in real life. I will buy her a beautiful plant for her to plant in our back yard! I think she would love that best of all! Don't you?

ToonyLunes- You are quite welcome, I'm so glad we were able to help you on this plant!

Bradjan- It sure isn't, I think I like the other ones best of all! Thanks!


Not the usual begonias you see every day. Pretty


So THAT'S the type of plant it is--thanks for answering my question. Nature never fails to amaze me whether it be flora, fauna or a beautiful sunset!


Nice looking plant. I like it . It sure is different from the run-of-the-mill begonias I've seen. Wish I could grow them but these, African violets, & seeds of almost all kinds scream & run for their lives when they sense me coming. They are terrified of me because the word has spread among them that I am sure death! I really like them but can't keep them alive.
When I first saw your title I thought,"Awww! Gary's giving Monica a nice plant. How sweet." I was disappointed in that respect. So don't disappoint me---give her a nice surprise plant 'just because'. She'll love it...............


Hi Gary, say hello to Monica too. Indeed this is the plant, and with this photo you can see it better. Thanks. I think it's bedtime for you two, so sleep tight.