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Sir Growly of Paddington's Royal Coat of Arms . . . :D)

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Don't know if the world deserves it or not but I sure think it NEEDS some good laughs.


. . . or maybe Frowly and Grog . . . at least that would stop us arguing over who's name would come first . . . :D)

Do you really think the world really deserves it though . . . lol


D'you think so Ardy? Instead of the Dog and Pony Show we could be the Frog and Bear Pair, or Bearly Froggy, or ....... the mind boggles! LOL


You two ought to be on stage. You'd have them ROFL


Oh knickers . . . why didn't I think of that . . . lol


That's just pants! LOL


Well I wasn't going to say anything . . . he kept muttering something about being top drawer(s). Personally I think the excitement had gone to his head and he just hadn't realised he'd made a bit of a bloomer . . . :D)


Bear stepping up to the mark! On my way Gwinnybear....

Ps the bear looks very dashing in his sexy Night Wear, except perhaps for the fact he's wearing his Calvin Kleins on his HEAD?? Wassat all about? LOL


Sir Lancelot of Nether Wallop has today been extolling the virtues of young Sir Growly and of his services to town and country . . . ne'er hath hith . . . his back boiler been so well serviced. Word has spread and reached the ears of good Queen Guinibear who, I have heard, has need of a service. Perhaps yon ursine youth will oblige


Great puzzle!
Great Sir Growly. The Bear of the Year!!


On behalf of the B. Nighted Bear I thank thee for this honour, oh Froglet. I am relieved to say that said bear has now felt safe enough to remove himself from the security of the Sloe Gin Vault and has divested himself of the maidenly garb in which he sought to disguise himself.(Truth be told, he was getting a little too fond of that ill advised attire.)
Unfortunately, though he is normally a peaceable, nay, timid natured bear his blood hath boiled and I have had to forcibly prevent the blood of the Dastardly Claude Toad Frog from being spilled...

Fortunately, after a calming draught of Falling Down Liquid he has laid down his WMD and is currently preening himself in his mirror, considering how his new title will assist him in the "pulling of the wenches". Forsooth, he is truly a fop!
The aforementioned C.T.F. was last seen hopping towards the borough of Lancashire as though his nether regions were on fire. I leave him to you Froglet, to punish in whatsoever means you see fit. Adieu.


No apology necessary XKE and thank you . . . :D)
The latin inscription should read "A right to 'bear' arms", but I'm not too sure that I got it right so it could say anything . . . lol

Happy "World Smile Day" to you to . . . it is also the 50th anniversary of the world premiere of Dr No, the first Bond film, and the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beatles' debut single, 'Love Me Do' . . . there you are . . . that's 3 things you've learned today . . . :D)


Congratulation Sir Growly of Paddington.

Apologies - did not notice this is Sir Growly's Coat of Arms.

Hope you're getting matters under control again. This being sick certainly is hard work!

Happy "World Smile Day" to everyone! Found this info elsewhere on Jigidi as I continue to hone my education (Master of Trivia). First "smiley face" appeared in 1963....

HRF, what a kind gesture. Has your coat of arms/crest been in your family for centuries? It's magnificant. Have tried to read the Latin since I'm sure it is a wonderful pronouncement!


'Tis most honourable that he is knighted and associated with the most noble title of Paddington.


I, HRF do grant a full, free and absolute (burp) pardon me to one Growly for the the offences of which he was falsely accused . . . namely Bearglary, TOT and (possibly) Illegal Home Bruin. It has since come to bear that this was a plot masterminded by one Claude Toad Frog
In reparation I have granted the aforementioned Growly a knighthood . . . arise Sir Growly of Paddington you are now a round knight of the table . . . I mean a knight of the round table