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Fall is Flannel Time!

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lol jiggy.......thanx


Foofighter - those plaids are such fun. I almost married a man of Scottish descent and he did like his kilts! Glad you liked the puzzle!


Thank you so much, Gail! And a belated Happy Birthday to you! Hope it was a fun celebration!


nice one jiggy......lots of tartan....i'm scottish.. of course i like
Thanx jig.


Fun use of plaids. thank you.


Tex - now I am really disappointed. I like my Texans in flannels! But, shorts and tank tops! My gosh, you are lucky to have that in November!

Quartina - believe it or not, none of the flannel nightgowns were any good as a photo. I LOVE my flannel nightgowns. (Definitely not Hubby's favorites! LOL)


Ardy - I just thought some of these plaids were quite funny. I'm glad you enjoyed the shoes!

Hester - Yep - Happy cat -- NOT! Now, I thought the heels would be right up your alley! (LOL) !

Hanne - you are right about the fleece, but I just had to have plaids and flannel is so nice in plaids.


So where is the all-time favorite . . . flannel nightgowns?!!!!


Well, in Texas, it's still shorts and tank top time! We won't even need a jacket until probably late December! Not much time for winter clothes.


They are beautiful, those flannels, most is fleece now isn't it? - anyway here!! Those heels? Not for me any longer but in my younger days - YES! Thanks so very much Jan!!


That cat looks about as unimpressed as Maggie does in her Valentine bows photo! The heels look like something Vivienne Westwood would design...and wear! Not for me either, Ardy!


I got the flannels back out about two weeks ago. They'll be in use until at least March, maybe April. Thanks, Jan. I can see some "dandy" wearing the shoes in the lower left. I can't imagine wearing the heels. I'd break a leg for sure with those!