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FettjeƄfallet, Sweden!

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To sit there looking at the fall, this is just the lowest part, was so very fascinating. I could have stayed there for hours, looking at and listening to these cascades incessantly falling and falling and falling!


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A beautiful place to sit. :)) I would love to accompany you.
Thanks a lot Hanne for such impressive images. :))


Oh, I expected it, have made a seat for you!! Thanks so very much Ank!!

There are many thoughts to be thought about it, and why not that one?! Might be true, who knows!! Thanks so very much Varda!!


Someone with a fertile imagination once suggested that water, moving or otherwise, is mesmerizing because it transports us back to the first nine or so months of our lives, when we were sloshing around in it. Interesting idea, but maybe a bit fanciful?


Great, now you will understand that I'm coming too. It's beautiful Hanne.


You are SO right, Jo!! Just come!! Room for all of us!! Thanks so very much!!

gnt, it's a wondful information to have. Then you understand so very much who and what we meet in nature too!! We are NOT just walking with a camera!! We seek so many and so much!! Thanks so very much!!

Ohh, come along, Jana, lots of room for you too!!


Thank you for the invitation Hanne, be sure to come sit with you :-)))


beautiful photo and I can understand how the sound and sight will grab your mind and hold on to you for some long time.....This happens to people who have a love for nature and the beauty of it all.......Being a native american I can understand that feeling...


How beautiful this scene is!!! A visual, as well as, an actual memory for you!!
I love waterfalls, so I will happily join you all there!! Hugs to all!!! :) :)


Just come and sit next to us, Jana, and enjoy it!! Thanks so very much!!


When I see the waterfall, also hear him, thank you very much Hanne, it's so wonderful:-))


Ohhh, Ardy, I can!! And isn't it gorgeous? - from here where we sit, we can see ALL the fall, Bent is only able to have a third of it on the photo!! We are SO lucky - but we can't talk together, too much noise!! Thanks so very much!!

Sandy, I'm so VERY careful, Bent is the daredevil. I'm so very afraid of stumbling and mostly carry a cane when I walk. I don't know why I hadn't any here, it would have been a great help!! You are SO right, it's the best way of all, and you feel it in your body too!! Nature demands something of you to show you its very best!! Thanks so very much!!


Be careful Hanne. We don't want you tumbling over the edge. What a wonderful way to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.


Awesome, Hanne. Can you feel me sitting next to you there enjoying this together? Thank you SO much.