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Purple and Green Fractal .....

36 pieces
52 solves
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Mimi dear one, I think that's one of Rains's illogical fallacies... Nevertheless I like your logic.... :) :)

Thank you, Shirley... Month's ago, I would not have thought to use purple and green together.... Thanks for the inspiration.... :) :)

Thanks, Whattie, I appreciate your wow's... Big smile here.... :) :)

Aw, Snooker, you just like him, cause he has a purple eye... Shirley finally convinced me purple and green go together and she was right, it works... :) :)

Love the pattern on the green fellow with the purple eye.


Wow, wow, wow, this is fantastic!


Very creative with the Fractal, I love it Sally, Great puzzle, Thank you. :):)


I love the purple, I love the green - therefore - I love the fractal. (Not perfect logic, but you know what I mean!)