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Amsterdam, Capital of the Netherlands.

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Amsterdam-tulip-market. Http://


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I'm glad you did like it, it was the first record, my parents gave me for present when I came home from the hospital after being ill.


Wonderful picture! Thank you Ank. And the youtube link was great too. Nice to hear a song in Dutch as we watch the fantastic slide show!


Hi Laura. I'm sure it's not in dollars, so it must be euro's. Unless it is an old photo, then it can be Dutch guilders.


Monica, my guess is that is not dollars, but Euro's. I may be wrong, though.


Hi girls, for you they are for free, take as much as you want. Virtual flowers, so there will be enough.
Suzy there is one very small crocus in my garden. And yes it is still freezing!


Wow! 50 tulips for $15.00? Well then, I'll take 100 of them! L.O.L. Nice pic Ank very nice indeed! Thanks so much, that was tons of fun to put together!...Monica


They are all so pretty, Ank. I will have one of each colour!


Wonderful Tulips, how could you chose a colour from these, all beautiful, Thanks Ank.


If I take a really, really deep breath, I can smell the spring! Glorious tulips, Ank!


What fun would it be to go through this for a few hours.


Leuk Ank ik heb ook es zo.n foto gemaakt op de markt in utrecht


Hurray, Denise is back again. Good to see you, we were worried. The flowers are lovely, Jana just take the flowers of the photo, they are virtual but free. It's just a joke. I'm sorry you have that pain. Micky says, take a painkiller aunt Jana. I wish you the best my friend.


It's all good, you see Denise's back is very pleased, good night my friends Ank and Micky, I wish no pain, sleep well.


Beautiful flowers Ank, love them, my computor was knocked out by lightening for five days.
Using my son's for the meantime. I missed you so much


It's a beauty, but not money and time, go there and buy something, thank you Ank :-))


Thanks girls, nice to hear that they told you about our very small country. If you want some flowers, there is enough, just take them. lol


Would love to shop there!!! Thanks, Ank!


Beautiful tulips! This takes me back to grade school when we learned about Holland and the windmills and tulips in Geography.


What a sight!!! Fabulous!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


Yep they are nice. Thanks


Love it pretty flowers....


Hi Lorna, I'glad you like them. The link is for an old song, my first record.


Beautiful picture, gorgeous flowers!


Good night Trudy, I like to see that photos. You are right, Tulips are lovely. The link is for a song about Tulips. An old song, 55 years old. Sleep well.


Tulips are one of my favorite flowers. My bulbs are starting to break ground and some leaves are three to four inches high, some not through as yet. I've planted yellow and red tulips and when they bloom this spring, I will share pictures with you.