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Crayon Fantasy KaleidoBOARDS!

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These boards were all made from a single image of color crayons.


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You are so welcome, Pat!


Another fun puzzle thanks Jan


Thank you, Lesley! I'm glad you liked it! During your childhood you were probably playing games, climbing trees, riding your bike or other fun things! BUT, it's never too late to play with crayons! :D))

Mandy - I can just picture that carpet! YIKES! I'll bet that stain didn't come out!!
You are so welcome for the puzzle. And, playing with crayons can create new memories even now. :)


I remember doing lots of those things too... but also learnt never to leave them on a carpetted floor in the sun!!! They melt into the carpet and stain... Thanks for the lovely puzzle and the memories Jan :~)


Lovely and bright Jan. I expected to be a lot slower with the time. I must have had a dull childhood as I can't remember doing any of these creative things with wax crayons!!


What wonderful ideas and memories! I suggest we all try to do one of these things in the next 6 months. Oh yes, get a child if you need an excuse to play!
Thank you so much to : Pat, Jim Hanne, Ardy and Roerick3! Great suggestions!!


For Christmas we bought a 120 box of crayons for the grandkids to use when they visit. It gave us a list of things to do on One of them allowed you to select a photo you have on your pc and drain the colors so you are left with a page of that photo for the kids to color. They really thought it was cool coloring pictures of themselves. It's neat conversing with others that don't think they're to old to enjoy the things we did as kids.


I used to do the black crayon-over-colors as a child, too, and I've used that to describe some of my freehand "art" on Jigidi, because it looks just like those scratches! LOL! And I was just checking out the new versions of Paaz Easter egg kits the other day--one comes with 5 or so crayons, and a shaver. You're supposed to shave the crayons while the eggs cook, so that the eggs will still be hot when you press the shavings on them--supposedly the crayon colors will melt onto the egg and make pretty patterns. I decided that I didn't really need a kit to do that, but I plan to try it!

Funny, when I wrote my first comment, I said that I should stick to my coloring book--and we all seem to be going back to our youth! :-)))


I did all of these things with my kids when they were little just to keep them entertained and to keep them away from the TV. And I have two very artistic children and one like me--black and white. We made the stained glass windows for the Christmas village that we painted and had through out the house every Christmas. My middle son has it now and has an old Victorian house so the village fits right in. Sure miss doing those things and don't see them done in schools anymore. Crayola needs to do some old fashioned marketing.


I can see the crayons much more clearly in these larger ones. Love Hanne's priests. I love colors and have several boxes of crayons around. I tell myself it's so I'll have them if the children come by but really it's because I love colors. I like this a lot. Thanks, Jan.

When I was making candles I used pieces of Crayola crayons (they are made of wax) to make colors. I'd melt the clear wax and then add bits of color and test shades on a piece of white paper until I got the shade I wanted. When I didn't have exactly what I wanted I'd visit the broken piece bins in the art department at school. I'd always find what I needed.


My wife did what you did as a kid. She also said they'd run crayons thru the little sharpeners to get colored shavings. Then they'd put them between two pieces of wax paper and iron it. Then they would mount it behind constrruction paper to get a stain class window affect. Wow, you can almost do as much with crayons as you can do with a paperclip.


Priests? Hanne, you make me laugh! Thanks so much! I'm also happy that you made those, too!


Jim - when I taught school, we use to do it with 6 year olds and they loved it, too.


Priests, lots of priests in nr. 2 from right!! Guess they are having a convent!! Thanks so very much Jan!! The picture you made with the black on top was a real success at school!! It was SO easy to have wonderful results!!


I never heard of that. We would melt crayons and let them drizzle down a soda bottle to make colorful vases. I'll have to check withn wife to see if she did that.


Thanks so much, Jim! I am so glad you enjoyed these. They have been on the "back burner" for months.
My favorite crayon images, though, are the ones we made as children. Coloring a page in many colors and then putting a layer of black crayon over the top. Then we'd carve out a design through the black. It was great fun. Did you do that?


Lovely, rich colors, Jan--and, for some reason, very challenging for me! I think I should stick to my coloring book this morning! :-)))


Simply awesome. What a creative mind you have. I bet Crayola never imagined the amount of beauty that could be extracted from their crayons by the right person. Really enjoyed these Jan