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Where the chickens now hide from the hawk

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This is the small area that the chickens are now confined to while the hawk is around. I found a second kill zone next to the small summer coop both fresh from today so the danger is still there.


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Thanks PJ. It's not supposed to be this hard and for a long time it wasn't but just like everything else in life you have to take the bad along with the good.


Dear Edie - you are doing a wonderful job - I thought it would be peaceful raising chickens, but now I know more about all the heavy work and the constant worry / alertness.
You are wonderful,


Well they're ok for now under here but I just don't know what will happen in the spring Barb. They don't like the snow so for no they're content staying in and around the coop. Will just have to wait and see I guess.


Well in order to do that I would first have to change all the fencing around the place for 4' to 6' and that would need dug holes with cement to hold the posts. This fencing cost about $600 and we put it up ourselves on pounded in posts. Can't imagine the cost of putting in 6' fencing and then of course the coops are taller than 6' and then there's all the trees to deal with so I don't think it's a doable project Ardy.


It's ok for now Florrie but so impractical. I have to clear the snow as it accumlates or the netting caves in and I also have to duck under there to open their doors to let them out and to feed them. Not at all convenient.


I think you've done about all you can do, Edie. Will keep the menagerie in my thoughts and hope the hawk finds somewhere else to get food.


About all anyone could do would be to fence in over the top of everything which would be impractical and way too expensive I imagine. And maybe even impossible.


Thanks Esther, lyndee, cinderfire and PutterDutt. I just checked around all my bird feeders and there's no sign that he's killed any there which is surprising since there's always at least two dozen morning doves under the feeders. I'm now fenced from coyotes lyndee it's weasels and hawks that get them now. A dog that size would definitely be a target cinderfire. The chicken he killed last month weighed more than five pounds. The net was originally over those posts but the hawk flew between the gap so I had to drop it and make the area even smaller PutterDutt.


Smart enclosure. You're a good chicken-Mama!


My son has a 5lb tiny dog he has to watch outside because of hawks.


My daughter has to keep their chickens penned up too. Hawks and coyotes get them if they don't.

We don't have chickens but the husband feeds the birds and it has been a tough winter as the hawk has been spending way to much time here. Hopefully this will work for you.