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Theme - Home Sweet Home (3)

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Well, perhaps lots of years ago, this was Home Sweet Home for an Australian family, but I fear that this would no longer be the case. Memories, for someone, but not much other than a ruin now. Maybe economic times were harsh, and the family who lived here had no choice but to just "walk away".


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Wendy, it could use some work now, but it probably was cosy with the fireplace too. ♥♥♥


Bev, I'm sure that this home was important to the family once. I remember my parents first house on the farm. Only two bedrooms, but it was wonderful place, and the verandah was huge. ♥♥♥


It could use a little TLC right now, but I'll bet in its day, it was quite cozy............Wendy

i'm sure they made the best of it. Thank you Nev. I like to think back to days of yore. 10-12-18


Yes, it is a shame, but probably too much in the way of upkeep for too little in return. Some of these homes are very remote too. ♥♥♥


It's a pity they can't be fixed up a little to be used by travellers to rest up for the night.


Bonnie, it's often caused by economic hardship due to bad seasons or drought. People put everything into it thinking that hard work will pay off, but unforeseen circumstances put paid to their hopes and dreams. Yes, it's sad, but rural Australia is dotted with houses like these, where things just didn't work out, despite best intentions. ♥♥♥


Sad to see a home that had so many memories for a family now in ruins. I wonder what the story behind it's abandonment was.


Janet, miserable again today. But the showers are so light that they are hardly even bothering the gauge. 16C (61F). ♥♥♥


WOW! What fabulous rain you have had. We've had almost an inch today and last night, still raining steadily. Our Oct total is 42 mm. The garden is happy here too. All most welcome. Hugs ♥♥♥


Ardy, I think it would have been a very 'cosy' place once. Probably only inhabited by a bit of wildlife now. ♥♥♥


Janet, I noticed the curtains still there.
I heard there were storms up your way, and my thoughts were immediately of Julian having to get out in those conditions. Delighted you got some nice rain though. We've recorded 120mms. (479pts.) here this month, so lawns and gardens (& Marge) are all very happy. ♥♥♥


Ellen, it is sad to see it fall into such a state of disrepair. It was a "home" once. ♥♥♥


redina1, yes, I'm sure somebody once proudly called this place home. ♥♥♥


It's hard seeing buildings fall apart. This looks like it could have been a nice place once. Thanks, Nev.


A fabulous puzzle thanks Marge and Nev and you always wonder who lived there once. It still has the lace curtains in the window too. Hugs my friends ♥♥♥

We had more rain last night a lovely 19.4 mm and that makes a total of 37.2 for October so far. Wonderful for the farmers and for my gardens. Julian and a SES team are on their way to Gympie right now to tarp roofs.


Sad. It's like seeing a very old, rusty car. Once it was someone's pride and joy. Now? Just a ruin.


I see these places and think someone needs to bring them back to their former glory. This probably would have been nice in it's day. Thanks. :)