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Write a Caption! dangling girl

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A correction for Heidi - Dondi is a male, and the certifiable paranoic engineer was a housemate in a cooperative I lived in for 35 years.


The doctor told aging cycling addict Daisy that she could NOT put ANY more pressure on her lower joints. Little did he know how addicted she was... Where there's a will, there's a way!


I can't visualize the sense of flying when your kneecaps are skimming the ground.


Thank you Amazonia - for giving us the story behind the image AND for bringing some sanity to the direction this puzzle was going.

I still can't visualize the actual "flying" element.


((( You're right, Heidi, although I'd never heard the murder rumor. People can find a conspiracy behind almost anything, can't they? I subscribe to the theory that it was accidental. Besides, who could murder Grasshopper? Chuck Norris? )))


It's the Street Flyer - designed by Dr. Carsten Mehring, a three-wheeled cycle designed to ?provide its user with the sense of flying just about three feet off the ground and without the dangers associated with hang- or paragliding, for example.?


Peter Pan undated: Now Wendy, think happy thoughts!


((( patsquire, my cheesehead friend, David Carradine's death is still quite controversial. Most people who knew him believe he was murdered. The rest who knew him believe it was accidental, while asphyxiating himself to get off. I believe the papers claimed it was suicide. I've never heard of a contraption like this being involved.)))


Penelope was born with a serious birth defect... she has no gluteus maximus... so she can't ride a bicycle in the normal way. After much experimentation, Dondi's hubby came up with this design to enable her to join in the local bike races. Her competitors protested vehemently, since she had 3 wheels instead of 2.


Isn't this sort of the way David Carradine died?


Dondi--HPV in my vocab is human papillomavirus so I really had to read over your comment several times to understand where you were coming from and how HPV applied to the picture above. Funny how our backgrounds change how even a funny picture looks to each of us. Thanks for a good laugh and lesson. Rosie P.S. I don't have a good caption for this after the HPV thing.


Well, for starters, it appears to be an HPV - human-powered vehicle. Perhaps a prototype of a crash-safe model? The tricycle design gives it resistance to tipping over, and the double frame in front provides physical protection. With the - well, I can't call her a "rider" - "propeller" suspended inside a sturdy cage, her upper body at least is pretty immune to injury in your average accident. But what I can't figure out is how it's powered. There's no pedal sprocket, and her legs are too close to the ground to pedal anyway. It's a little hard to determine whether this is supposed to confer an ergonomic advantage. Having lived thirty years with a paranoid HPV designer (he actually designed and built prototypes of bicycles you rode backwards, for crash protection!), I don't even blink at this.


ROFL! Great captions. I wish I knew what the heck this is for???!!!!


I thought they said would you like to try a popsicle


Dr. Mehring's assistant didn't realise this was what he had in mind when he said he wanted to see her in suspenders!


Penelope Pitstop thought she'd try something different for this year's Wacky Races!


"Yesterday I rode a bike the normal way, all day...... and now my bum hurts. So I am trying to get on, but without a backside ache!"

The new invention ........ for those who are afraid of heights, but still want to fly !


"So,as you can see, Mr. Bannatyne, the suspend-a-cycle is ready to ride on landing from parachuting!"


Angie, a firm libertarian, went to great lengths to avoid her town's helmet laws. In retaliation, the town is considering a new ordinance requiring knee pads.......


I thought riding a bike was easy exercise.


LOL, JC!!!!!!!


IKEA bicyle. Damn those instructions!

A cure for those that text while they drive.