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Tomahawk Barbecue

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North Vancouver


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Very interesting place I would love to try their breakfast.
I slice apples on a mandolin very thin and then soak them in sugar, cinnamon and honey and place them on the bottom of the pic crust one layer and then put the mincemeat on top. Place a crust on top and bake. Something to do on those cold days in SC.


Wow, great answer Cathy. Love it. Hug


Thank you Ank. I'm glad you like the picture. Yes, Bryan Adams is wonderful. I like him too. Okay ... more than like. Okay so drooling is involved!!
..... I do it for you !!


Thanks Cathy and Faye. Love both, photo and story. And Bryan Adams, wow, he's great. Everything I do .............
Almost drool.


Thank you Suzy. I love this. you post a picture and then just sit back and let someone else answer all the questions!! I think I'll go make myself a cup of tea. P.S. I'm glad you like it!

Hi Lorna. Yes it's a neat restaurant for many reasons!! Bryan Adams, a Canadian rock star, worked here many years ago. I think it was a summer job while he was in school.

Hi Faye!! I bet you thought I had forgotten!!! Thank you very much for all the extra information. I love it ! I would never have thought of mixing mincemeat and pumpkin but ... why not! I will see if it is still on the menu the next time I'm there. Yes, their portions are large. I think I took half of my lunch home and had it later for supper!


Cathy...Hee hee...I was thinking of this just last night!

Best homemade pie ever is pumpkin mince...a thin layer of mincemeat on the pastry, then pumpkin...and lots of whipped cream! But the Tomahawk is known for its HUGE Yukon breakfasts.

pkh...this was founded in 1926 by Chick Chamberlain from Birmingham, UK. During the Depression he tried to help the local native carvers by purchasing their carvings. There is a huge collection of artifacts inside. The local First Nation's tribe eventually made him an honourary chief (If memory serves me correctly). It is now run by Chuck Chamberlain, the son. :))) Faye


Wow, that is a wonderfully colourful entrance! Nice to know the food is good too!


Is this locally owned and operated Cathy?
Agree with Jim-love the colors of the totems and the stone.


Thank you Jim! It's a very good restaurant, usually packed !! I was there for lunch a while ago and we had omelettes. They offer regular eggs or free range eggs. We both paid $1.50 extra to get the free range eggs. I don't like to think about animals being mistreated.


I love the colorful totems and the stone building, Cathy. How is their bar-b-que?


Gemstone (Faye), a while ago you asked me to take a picture of this restaurant. So here it is. Sorry I took so long!! Cathy