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the supervisors

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Two supervisors came to check on the work of the grounds keepers, yesterday, 2/3/13.


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Thank you, A3ana. ; )


It makes a nice picture Rose


Ah, ha, Oddio. It took only a split second this time. I am laughing out loud! ; )


(You get two lashes for that, roseheather)


Not to worry. Not too many years ago I wouldn't have even known that the Ravens were a football team! (And we all do silly things, don't we?! Funny story about The Lashes.)


Ah, PLG, boy do I feel dense!

I am soooo not into sports. My daughter's master's is in sports adm., her doctorate is in psycho-sociology of sport, and she directs the sports mgt. program where she teaches. We have joked that she was switched at birth since she has the most interest in sports of the four of us in this family. ; )

Yes, I did follow the news of the ravens and the (?) (other team) [head slap there -- the 49'ers -- I am a history teacher, after all] because they were coached by brothers. But we didn't watch the game. I did notice though that the ravens had won.

No joke, here. I wondered going home from the school, one year, where I taught if any of my mother's cousins children/grandchildren would be in the school where I was. Her cousin had lived at a lake near the community where I taught and I passed by it each day. And I'm sure my mouth dropped open as I was driving, when I realized that D. Lash was currently in two of my classes. I asked him the next day if he was related to V. Lash and his eyes opened a bit wider and he said "that was my grandpa. Yeah, I don't always make connections/get the drift/see the info ... ; )


(I have a hard time telling the difference between a large crow and a raven, unless I can get a good look at their beaks & the shape of their heads.)

(That was just a joke about congratulating the ravens -- since they won the superbowl.)


Thank you, PLG, and they are crows.

I don't think I have ever seen a raven. These are hard to photograph. They seem to see movement behind a window and then they scatter.


Nice one, RH! Crows? Or ravens? (If ravens, we must congratulate them!)