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This little scrap appeared in our local newspaper. She was at the local sanctuary and had stomach cancer. They needed someone to give her TLC for her final days...we brought her home, fed her white fish and I held her in my arms, lying on my chest. That night, she slept under my desk. In the morning she was poorly so we took her to our vets. She only had a matter of hours left so, enfolded in my arms we let the vet help her pass over the Bridge where she no longer feels pain. For 25 hours she was mine and knew she was loved so very much


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It is just so sad and beautiful that she was alone, then you came forward and gave her care her final day. Thank you so much for caring, it is care like this that is so beautiful.


Such a sad story, her face is so heart breakng.


Rest well little Georgie, and know you are loved.
Bless you Brie for giving her the love and comfort she needed when no one else would.
My heart is with you.


The day I had to put our sweet Spook down I took off work and the vet came and put her to sleep and I held her most of the day and we buried her in her blanket -- they are just like family

Georgie is such a cutie. Poor little baby. I'm so thankful that you were able to take her home and give her the love she deserved - even for such a short time. It is heartbreaking. I know you cried. I am. Thank you, Brie. Glad you took pictures of her. Looking forward to tomorrow's pic.

Thank you. Rescue kitties are the best kind.


She was just so precious. Someone had abandoned her at her time of greatest need but I cried too. She had shrunk, as really poorly kitties seem to do, but her tail was the longest ever! I will publish a pic with her tail tomorrow so you can see. And I am sure all of you would do exactly the same because we care so much


I am having great difficulty in writing this through the tears. I am just so pleased that her final hours were filled with love and that she was not alone in her passing. Rest in peace little Georgie.


You have the most wonderful heart to bring this beautiful little girl into your life just when she needed to know she was loved most. You are a blessed person.


You break my heart.