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Clay flower with its creator and Ringleader

48 pieces
60 solves
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Thanks Pat. And thanks for adding another star to my leader board. I love seeing it there. She had just made that hibiscus and then gave it to me.


Lovely ladies :))


Found it, Ank and replied.


Hi Ardy, I solved the small one and made a comment.


Hi Dagmar, I wasn't going to post this one. But I had told Kirsten about the clay flowers and after she put up the kaleidos of them I thought I'd add to what she did. Thanks for coming by Hope you are sleeping or about to by now. Night night or Good morning whichever it is when you see this.


Hi Ardy I always get late anywhere but in the end I somehow manage to turn up. This is a lovely photo of yours, you have the same smile as on the one where you where a little bit younger and in different company :)). I loved the idea of clay flowers, they are something I would love have a go at, if there was any time. Thanks for a lovely puzzle and a friendly face to put to your comments.


You're right, Wendy. You just said I was faster than you. I could tell by the leader board it was 2 seconds.


Ardy, I was getting really bored with my avatar plus I kept getting it confused with advia's because of the similar colors. And I always get a kick out of Ada's avatar changes (she makes me smile every single time I see a new one)...and then pkin, and I think it's bradjan who also comes up with new ones that I think are cool. I'm thinking that I'm going to start changing mine a lot now. I really like the change. I never mentioned how much faster you were than me, but I'll bet someone told you. ;-)
All I had said was that you BEAT me...until I may have just mentioned it on the puzzle. I left you a reply to yours. :-)


Wendy, You changed your avatar!! There seems to be an epidemic of avatar changes over this past weekend! Love it. I answered you on the 12 piece. Glad I could do something for you. You did mention that I was 2 seconds faster than you.


Ardy, thank you so much! I left a comment on your puzzle but I forgot to mention that you BEAT me! :-)


Thanks, Kirsten. I'm not doing something right though as I keep knocking myself off Jigidi trying to get back to paste. But I manage to eventually get what I want where I want it. Thanks to you.

Wendy told me how to do a private puzzle. Nice to have such great teachers.


Hi Ardy. I'm just swinging by to give you a virtual gold star and elephant stamp for learning your "copy and paste a URL" lesson so well!! LOL :-DDD

And I'm sure that grammatically that should be "an URL", but it sounds too strange when said out loud!

((HUGS)) for now, and see you later in my evening, and your tomorrow.


OK Wendy. We'll see if this works.


Ardy, you start by doing the exact same thing that you would do with any puzzle- going to Jigidi with the image...and when you select the number of pieces, just pick the smallest number. 12 pieces is OK for me MAX. Then the only thing to remember is to NOT select the option "Make available to everyone." Then, immediately afterwards, the puzzle will show up on your screen with "Solve." Click to solve but don't solve it. Instead, copy the link in the address bar and then paste it in an email or on a puzzle like this one....for example.


Wendy, if I wanted to put up a private puzzle - just for you - like 4 pieces, how do I do it? Thanks for coming by.


Oh, on second thought, I went back to see the flower too. It's a bit blurry even close up, but I can tell that it's waaay cool!


Ardy, I'm sort of laughing my head off! I wanted to see you up close and personal so I clicked to solve just so I could put your face together. Well, I couldn't find part of the left-hand side of your face. hehehe I kept looking and looking for the darned piece and finally gave up! Anyway, I got your FULL mouth and guess what- for your age, your mouth is unbelievably young. No kidding! Oh, now that I relook at the puzzle, I should have found the flower as well. I'll just have to wait until you post another puzzle. ;-)


You're right. I hadn't thought about that! There's at least 40 years difference. Thanks for coming by, Hanne. I've bookmarked most of yours this morning. I'll be back for solving later.


And now that we have those two photos side by side, a younger Ardy and a "now" Ardy - your faces are the same really but of course some years have passed from the first to the other one. You look awfully good actually!! Thanks Ardy!


Look at who's on top of my leader board!!! Wow. Thanks, Jan. Special thanks for coming by while on vacation. You are so very welcome.


Very nice photo of you, Ardy! And the clay flower is so delicate and pretty.
Thanks so much!


For another clay flower puzzle try:


It does look really involved, Lyndee. I wouldn't even try as I know I'm not least bit creative in that way. But it was fascinating to watch. I suppose that little flower took about 15 minutes. I have it sitting in a little vase. I Googled Nana's clay flowers and found her picture.


You are very welcome, Kirsten. It was fascinating to watch. Cheerie Lou took the picture. I wasn't going to post it but after you posted the kaleidos yesterday I changed my mind.


I love the art of making clay flowers. I tried my hand at it but the talent wasn't there! LOL


Lovely photo, Ardy! How fascinating it must have been to watch. And it was sweet of her to give you a little gift too. Thanks for posting this. :)))

And now I must dash off to work! See you later. :)


At the arts & crafts show I watched as she made this hibiscus and handed it to me to take with me.