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WEEKLY THEME: Yellow Things... Butterflies Are Free (Late To The Yellow Party)...

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85 solves
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Thank you PJ... What a lovely comment... I'm so glad you enjoyed this one, I was pleasantly surprised myself by the finish piece.... Thanks again.... :) :)


Exqusite design - love it. Wonderful piece of digital art!


You're so welcome Fay... Good to see you... Hope all is well with you and you're surviving the heat.... :) :)


Beautiful Sally, thank y ou


Thank you Shirley.... :) :)

You're very welcome, Sissel.... :) :)

I don't see you on this page, Michelle, are you hiding under a comment or under a butterfly?? Oops... The mental same page... Ahhh.... That could get scary for you.... LOL... I've been there and solved it... Left you a comment.... Not professional, just have a two year head start.... :) :)

Thank you, Mimi.... :) :)

I like your take on this one Pat, Thanks muchly.... :) :)

They look like they are flying off the page in a book.


Very very pretty, thanks!


I decided to let you have an early preview instead:
There are so many older ones I have to post!


Hi, the pretty butterflies! You aren't going to believe this but we're on the same page. I just created one late last night with a "flutterby" and now it has to have your name on it. Too much of a co-inkydink. I'll have to bring it up the list to post today. Much different than your very professional work here but the sentiment is there... ;-D


Thanks for another beauty :-)


Lots of great creativity here, love it, Sally, Thank you. :):)