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Break of Dawn / Out My Back Door

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Taken yesterday at 6:26 am 03/23/2013


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Thanks Celeste good to see ...

warbler I took several pictures yesterday morning.. this was the breaking of dawn and then the sun popped up I got that as it was just coming over the horizon. This picture I made a panorama out of 3 pictures. I found out if I do more than 3 then Jigidi won't except it..


Awesome Pat. The early bird gets the sunrise!


Such a cool picture :)


Thanks Graciela .... so nice to see you...


And I say again, "What a beautiful world" great picture Pat. Love your new avatar!


Thank you Lyndee ... Nice to see you...


And I said to myself " What a beautiful world" . Thanks Pat, it's beautiful.


Isn't it funny how different countries have different sayings but almost the same....good to see you...
Gene thanks you are very welcome....


Beautiful sky it ....thanks for posting such a beauty :)))))


Lovely photo of a beautiful sky Pat. I sort of know the rhyme Ardy quoted, except in the version I know, the red skies are shepherds delight or warnings!


Hi Sissy ..Thank you so much... we probably won't get much... I have my unbrella up... See that way it misses madison county.... and if you believe that I will tell you another one real quick... Hugs


Wow a beautiful photo Sis. I hope you will not have too much snow. We don't have, but big parts of Europe do have. Parts of England are terrible and also Belgium. Snowploughs are snowed. In England, deaths.
We are only cold, stormy wind, but sun. The wind makes it very cold. But when I look around us, we come off easy.


Windyhills .. we are about to get snow today sometime ... nice to see you...

Fran thanks ...Great to see you


Lovely view - good way to start your day. Thanks Pat.


Good morning,
Very beautiful.
6" of snow came - 6" of snow left, now they say maybe another 1" or 2 - but I hope not.
Tuesday they're predicting sun and clear skies.


They say it is to get here this evening...That's a plus ....Wonder how much you will get.... But this time of year it is here today and gone tomorrow...


Pat, this morning at 5:30am, it was raining. Less than an hour later it began snowing hard! There's an inch of snow on the grass but the good news is it isn't sticking to the roads.


You are very welcome Ardy ..just enjoy... this morning grey skies... got the storm coming in..


Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning. But I'm not going sailing so shall just enjoy the beautiful sky. Thanks, Pat. Hugs


It really show it's self yesterday about 5 mins later I have a picture of the sun peeking thru...


That's so beautiful, Pat! Thanks!


No No Lucy that was yesterday ...It is still dark here...


Very nice but i really don't like that red in the sky ,it is a warning for bad weather. so take it easy today and lets just relax and see what happens. going out for breakfast soon with the hubby. we usually do it every sunday morning........