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N604C at Alta Mesa Airpark, Wilton CA

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New to me 1947 Stinson 108-3 with 220 hp Franklin engine


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Beautiful paint, beautiful lines, like a 57 Chevy, it just cannot get any better.

Maybe i'm wrong, but I do know of an STC to install 220HP Lycoming Engine in the Stinson 103-3, just not many Franklin Engines around & the advantage of the lycoming is the constant speed prop. Either way, it makes a great short field Aircraft , with the wing leading edge slots, hi-lift wing, & fabric fuselage, wings, horizontal stab,s, & control surfaces,. Makes a great "bush" bird, ski or float Aircraft. Alaskans love them. Can't tell from the outside if this is the "Voyager" or the "Station wagon". There is another STC to convert the same Aircraft to the Continental O-470, 235 HP, as is in the Cessna 182. Thanks for posting it Kevins3514, have fun with it.


Just one over-sized engine, Sue. The original had a 165 hp engine; this has been upgraded to 220 hp, and the difference is quite dramatic at take-off. Four seats , with a range of 450 miles or so.


What a toy kevin, is this a single or twin engine? Sue