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kleido.011. helpers with the

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Wow, I agree with the others, great.


Oh Kathy, this is very beautiful! Love these colors together! Great job, thanks! It was lots of fun putting this one together, I love bright colors!


So pretty. thanks pilley


verry beautiful Kathy


YOU funny ideas, not possible! Great colors and all the added attractions. I use PH3 to sharpen and change sizes and once in a very long while make a panorama.


jan and barb, always enjoy when you drop in and always have such nice things to say, thanks. Started with the faries on another one but have not decided on how it should look, may need to re-visit it tonight, for now I have chores to do, toodleloo.....


This is absolutely gorgeous. Aside from having my favourite colours, I love the design and the framework is lovely! Thanks from Barb :-)


A marvelous, gorgeous and beautiful puzzle. The design is wonderfully creative.


Kathy, this is about the third version of this, sometimes takes a new looking at (I have to start all over) to make it the way I am happy with it, I get funny ideas in my brain of how it should look.


Janine, this started out as one of my photo's of a forget-me-not from one of our Alaska trips, they are such a pretty flower. Loved the intense color and thought it would make a good kleido, thanks for stopping.


Very clever and well done Kathy. Such detail and all the different techniques....right down to the shadows of the little fairy's toes :-))))))

I love blue colors, so I think this is great against the green background. Thank you, Janine.