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Claude Monet - On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt, 1868 (Jun17P04)

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Monet was only 28 years old when he painted "On the Bank of the Seine, Bennecourt" which is also known as "The River".

The figure in the painting is Camille Doncieux who is looking at the suburb of Bennecourt from where she is seated at the bank of the Seine.

4th of a set of 4 Monet's 1860s paintings posted today. Please enjoy.

Cheerio, Jason :-)

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You are most welcome, Marina.

I am delighted that you like this painting and have enjoyed it :-))

Best regards, Jason.


Wonderful scenery and art. Thanks Jason. Marina.


Yes, Clive, I am feeling much better today :-) My back is behaving itself :-)


Thank you Clive.

Much appreciated :-)


All removed yesterday jason, hope you are feeling better today.


Thank you Wayne.

You have made my day bright and beautiful :-))

I like positivity and hope that by being positive it will make things better for others, too :-)


Jason, thank you for the good and encouraging report on John. You are BOTH in our thoughts and prayers. I appreciate, and I am sure that others do too, your kindness in your comments and the love you share with your jigidi friends. And I love the uplifting comment when one of your puzzles is completed.


Thank you Bubble for dropping by.

This looks like a lovely place to sit and comtemplate.

I have already got over the loss of Lin. Time heals, for which I am grateful, especially when I can ill afford to have too many set backs at this time of my life.

I am just thankful that John is continually to be doing well.

Thank you Bubble for thinking so highly of me. I will try my best to be "a lovely man". LOL.

Best regards, Jason.


Clive, are you talking about the complainers when you say 'donkeys'. Asses might be a better word !!


Hi Clive, yes, I know that Miss Lin passed away last summer but just wanted to express my condolences to Jason - he's such a lovely man.
I'm glad you're back off the naughty stool ! (✿´‿`)


Hi Jason,
An interesting painting, setting looks peaceful - thanks for sharing and sorry to hear about your friend, no longer with you. (✿´‿`)


Hi Teewoman,

After reading your message, I checked my notification and found that
her usual group of friends has already received the message from you and in fact they tagged me regarding the sad news.


Thank you Teewoman for the update on Lin.

I will pass the message to her usual group of friends.


Jason, I see you were friends with Lin a.k.a. TX94 here on Jigidi. Thought you might like
to know that Miss Lin passed away yesterday. She was a lovely sassy lady and if you
know others here that might have known her please pass the sad news to them also.
She's loved Jesus so much, so I know she's joined him in Heaven, singing with the
angels. Thank you. Tee


Hello Lin,

It is good to hear from you and thank you for solving this puzzle.

Looks like Camille is deep in thoughts.

Warm regards, Jason.

Hi lin....nice to see you.


In the mood for relaxation with Monet. Seems to be one of the lovelies I missed during 'down' time. Lovely!


You are most welcome, Evelyn.

Thank you so much for dropping by and solving my puzzles :-))


Magda, you are welcome.

It is wonderful to know that you love Monet's paintings, too.

I understand and respect your decision, though I do love to hear from you. Thank you for letting me know that you will be solving most of my Monet puzzles.


Thank you Jason, for posting these Monet paintings. I also love Monet, and I have bookmarked most of these puzzles. I will not comment on all of them though. Thanks for your effort.


Thank you Parson for your confidence in me :-)


You are welcome, Irena.

I wish you a good day, too.


My Monet is on Jason when it comes to picking out artists to highlight their paintings.


Monet was a very good painter. All the paintings so beautiful! Jason thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Greetings to you...Irena


Oh Jeri, it depends on what artists you enjoy I was always taught at school that many of the artists gave us information of their times and lives as what we enjoy as photos of our times if you understand my meaning. It was my pleasure as a child to be sent to a school by my parents that taught me about Art and Mathematics and science but sadly my English was never up to standard although my literature was first class. So we can always look at our childhoods to see what people we have turned out to be. Thee Hee.


I'm missing these great paintings of the famous artists.


Just take your time, Clive.


My time was 0:33 so we are both slow. but I do enjoy jason's Monet's just have to find the time to do the puzzles have time today as I am not at work tomorrow.


Thanks for the tag, Clive.
I worked this when it first came out. time: 0:34
I keep up with Jason's Monet puzzles.


Jason, do not know how I missed this one the first time around must have been late in the evening for me. The reflections he has captured are quite astonishing thank you.



And if the worse were to happen, it may turn out for the better as he may become a saint.


Thank you Irena.

I love it and thank you.


Thank you, Bev. I try to help people see the funny side of things and a new way of looking at things.

Parson you are a funny man.


Anyone riding in the boat and tipped it would be in Seine.


Super Jason !


You are welcome, Bev.


It has an office in the Courtyard.


Thank you Wendy for your kind comment. It makes my heart sings. (❛ᴗ❛)

May you have a great day.

Thank you Jason and Claude thanks you too. I think Parson has The Chase mixed with F N B.
:))) Just being silly . 6-10-17...5pm


Is that the First National Bank, Jason?


What a wonderful surprise when I turned on the computer, went into Jigidi, and here is my friend Jason with 4 beautiful postings of Monet artistry. It's a great way to start my day Jason, thank you so much. They were all just gorgeous. I feel my day is going to be great.............Wendy

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