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Slpit Funnel Foursome

64 pieces
122 solves
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I had not realised I was fractionally improper... :-))


No, no, no.... You divided it improperly, lol! It is to be divided as " funn-e-l""You don't need a nel when you have a funny L,dear one! ..... :-)


When I tried splitting a funnel I ended up with FUN and nel... the fun is good but what do I do with the leftover nel? I'll Google it... must be a recipe somewhere :-))


Actually, L, I shortened whatmwas on the program. This particular effect is called "right triangle split funnel", which makes even less sense. Factor in the "slpit" that is to be found in this title, and you leave all reason behind! Perhaps the bug is in the programmer, dear one. It matters not what it is called; the fact that you liked the bright, cheerful colors is what matters! "A rose by any other name...." .... :-))


Fun foursome.... Split.... OK.... Funnels??? I see Tunnels and Gunnels, but no Funnels.... Bright, cheerful colors, but no Funnels..... Must be a bug in the program... Makes great images, but lacks vernacular..... Thanks heaps... Hugs Good Buddy.... :) :)


Thanks, Gail. I'm glad you found this to be pretty!


Lol, Shirley, I don't either! The program I use calls this a split funnel so I'll take their word for it!. I'm so glad this was a joy to solve, dear friend!


Very pretty, Jill.


Hi Jill, I don't see a split funnel, but what I see is four very pretty fun puzzles, in bright cheery colours, a joy to solve, Thanks Jill.