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Orchid display

12 pieces
99 solves
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On sale at the grocery store last Friday.


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You're welcome, Maureen. Enjoyed your first roses yesterday.


Beautiful display,ringleader.
Thank you for posting.


Hanne, some plants don't like certain atmospheres. I could grow beautiful plants in my library at school except African violets. They always died. But they would do well for me at home. Guess you'l have to enjoy your wild ones. Thanks.

Edie, Christmas is several weeks away (thankfully). In the meantime is there a camera shop that could help? Hate to think of no pictures from you for the next several weeks. Glad it doesn't stop you from solving. Thanks.

You're welcome, Ank. Thanks for that fun swirl this morning.


The lens gets stuck half way out/in. I'm guessing some dirt has got in there as I carry it in my jacket pocket which is usually full of shavings or straw. Every once in awhile it will open all the way and I can take pictures but it hasn't happened in the last few days. Guess I know what to ask for this Christmas.


Lovely Ardy, thanks for posting.


They are SO enjoyable, Ardy, I love them SO much but can't keep them alive!! Thanks so very much!!


Jana, how wonderful you got a second chance at life. I was mostly thinking about the others on your puzzle who were wishing for Friday or other days than Monday. I'm thankful you are still with us and found Jigidi. Thanks for coming by and for your sharing. You are welcome.


You are very welcome, Pat.


Jan, I like the white with the deep purple throat . The yellow is lovely and showy. Glad you enjoy them.


Edie, the ones I made the kaleidos from were at Brookside Gardens. These I saw last Friday at the grocery. Sorry you re having camera problems. Do you know what needs to be done to fix it? That frame color came from the edge of he orchid closest to the frame in the upper right. Thanks.


They are wonderful, thank you so much Ardy.
Thank you for your advice . I've known for a long time. 13 years ago I nearly died, and the doctor told me that I celebrate second birthday. Since then, I enjoy every day with my pets , flowers and friends jigidi ..
Have a wonderful day :-)))) hugs dear.


They are so pretty ... Thanks Ardy...


Yes, the yellow ones are gorgeous, but I would accept the white ones as well. :))
Thanks so much Ardy! I've always loved orchid plants!


Are these the ones you made your kaleidos from Ardy. I like the yellow ones as well. Still having problems with my camera so I don't think I'll be posting. The last set was all from pictures I already had. Now if I could have one in the intense colour of the frame I might be interested in trying again. Thank Ardy


Francamia, I love seeing all the flowers at the grocery store. Glad you enjoyed them too. You're very welcome.


OK Barb. I'll have them sent by heated express mail. Be sure you take them right in. They don't like the cold an better than we do. :-))) Thanks.


Lovely display............................Thank you..............


Lovely orchids, Ardy. I'll take the yellow ones please. :-))