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Pineapple smoothie ordered by kittenlove

49 pieces
47 solves
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Thanks roerick! If my sister solved puzzles, she'd probably say about the same thing! She's a nurse. And once you pointed it out, I could see it exactly. It's fun to hear what different people see! And by the way, call me Deborah. And who might you be?


Huh!! I don't have a middle name - neither did my Mum & neither does my sister!! I'll stick with Deborah - it's easier & quicker to type :)))


Boy, I hope I don't scare everyone away but I immediately saw a yellow hybred tomato with a strange machine pumping vital fluids into it. A little mixing of my medical backround and looking at gardening magazines for new tomatoes to plant. Funny where the mind wanders. But I love the puzzle and the color is great. Thanks again Jaws.


Glad you liked it Rob! So spill the beans...if you're going to call me Deborah Janene...I deserve to know your middle name! LOL


Thanks Janine! See you later. By the way, you should try your hand at making puzzles!


Wow!! This looks like a carving Deborah Janene!! I love it! Looks too good to eat :)))

What a coincidence with the name. My middle isn't Deborah, Suzanne instead.
All your puzzles have been are so many of these tile type puzzles.
See you later on the site.....Janine


Thank you Kirsten!

And Janine, I'll never forget your name! That's my middle name, only mine is spelled Janene! Glad you enjoyed the puzzle! :)))


Lovely design Deborah!! name is Janine.......this was fun....I loved the puzzle. There is so much texture to it, I guess it didn't need anything but yellow. Did take me longer than I thought......but I loved it.
Thank you again. Will be seeing you again soon.....Janine : )


Very strange but interesting....


You are very welcome...and call me Deborah. :))))

WOW...!! Oh beautiful.....I never knew it could come out this way. You are so talented.
I just came on the site....and this was here 1 minute ago. Thank you. I will solve right now.