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hi Lily

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17 day old elephant at Oregon Zoo


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Carol, I've been an environmentalist and lover of flora and fauna forever, it seems. Many years ago, I started reading the books of Farley Mowat and Gerald Durrell (he of "The Amateur Naturalist" fame). Durrell was one of the first to realize the benefits of captive breeding. He started a zoo in Jersey (off the Channel Islands) that was one of the first to do captive breeding. He knew long ago that the planet's animals were doomed unless humans did something to reverse the ill effects of humans on the planet. His zoo now also has a training program for people. It's incredibly imnportant to have these types of institutions to assist in saving species from extinction. The news on this subject was preliminary, set off by a scare article in the Seattle Times. Fortunately, the Oregonian set them straight.

If you're ever interested in reading a book by him, I suggest starting with "My Family and Other Animals" about his life. He was the brother of famed classical author Lawrence Durrell. I have all of his and Mowat's book collection, some 30+ books apiece.


Great video...everything is so new and exciting...even a pile of sand! LOL
Do they ever put in things like soccer balls for stimulation?
When will Lily start on solid foods?
Love your journal. Thank you.


Thanks Octomom for being someone who sees through the media and bothers to read the truth. OZ doesn't even own Chendra but the sanctuary in Thailand doesn't want her back. Even Have Trunks Will Travel doesn't want Tusko back if we ever decide we no longer have a place for him - we would have to pay them to take him! As for activists, I always say if they spent a day INside the zoo working with keepers or just watching, they would get an idea of what it takes to handle and care for the animals and how much the people who work there love them. Tusko was never mistreated at his old home or he wouldn't be the sweet guy he is who can even be trusted alone with the girls. If I had ever seen anyone mistreat an animal I would not have continued volunteering there for 17 years.


Thank you Octomom.......very informative and helpful.


I just watched your video. Lily sure is a feisty little girl. Great job, Carol.


Carol66, the arrangement the zoo has with Have Trunk Will Travel is a common one in the industry. Any organization that engages in this kind of activity needs to be accredited and checked out thoroughly. There needs to be a steady supply of animals, and the zoo cannot possibly have enough of their own elephants to ensure their healthy breeding. It's also common for a zoo to care for an animal that belongs to another zoo. Just because an organization owns a zoo animal doesn't mean they're ever going to get it back. Tusko is also owned by HTWT, and it was their agreement that the second, fourth and sixth offspring born to Tusko and Rose-Tu would be owned by HTWT. There needs to be genetic diversity as well. These animal rights groups who picket and say it's wrong simply don't understand that, because elephants are being poached left and right, elephants in the wild are being slaughtered in record numbers. Without zoos and their breeding programs, there might not be enough wild elephants and other animals to guarantee their survival. Tusko, Rose-Tu, Samudra and Lily will likely never leave the Portland Zoo. If HTWT would recall Tusko or Lily, there would be such a reaction that HTWT would never again be able to do business in the zoological field. The Portland zoo has long been hailed across the world as an example of all the right things to do for their animals.

Hope I get to Portland soon so I can see her--what a cutie1


Check out the video I took today - no sound, my finger was covering the mike! None of my photos were good enough to be puzzles except this one.


Hi Lily! They better keep you where you are and with your Mom. I did not like what I heard on the news.......I am confident they will protect you.

Welcome to the zoo, Lily!