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You are most welcome, Pam. Thank you for your comment. : )


My husband and I appreciate your sharing this image and this thought - thanks for the puzzle.


So sorry to hear this Lin. My thoughts and prayers go out to both you and your companion. Thank you for tagging me! Take care my friend.....


Yes....dogs make our lives more beautiful :) Lin, I'll be praying for you and Kristi as you make this adjustment. I know how special she is to you ♥ ((Hugs))


Amen, Lin, when I was going through a rough patch a while back, a friend sent me a little note with four little puppies on it that said 'God cares about every little one of us', it really brightened my day because it is so true! ❤


Thank you, Dottie -for your kind words I was so desperate for. Sorry to just barge in like I did, but knowing your love of animals...
Jeanette - your nice words very much appreciated.
I appreciate you, Jason - you seem to understand my plight and you are a good friend.
Dee - Another of my oldest jigidi friends; your hugs gladly accepted. You do know me well....
God bless you all♥


So sorry about Kristi, she is going to lean on you a while pretty soon. You both love each other...I am sure you will work together as side kicks and get through this together.
Love you girl ☺♥


LIN.....Hugging you from my heart. ........ dee


Thank you, Jason!


Lin, so sorry I misspelled sweet Kristi's name. My daughter who has the little blind dog's name is Kristy, too, and my fingers had a hard time spelling it differently! :)


Thank you, Janette! ❤


Thank you Lin, for tagging me.

I am sad to hear about Kristi. I will certainly pray for both of you.

Her sense of hearing, smell, familiarity with her usual surroundings and your love for her will help her to adjust and be let her be OK.

Nice posting Dottie. Thanks.


Oh Lin, I am so sorry to hear this about sweet, precious Kritsi! You and Kristy will certainly be in my prayers. Keep us up to date on how she is doing. My daughter has a little dog who went blind and we are all so amazed at how well he gets around. He even goes out the doggie door to go outside and comes back in, all by himself. They are so smart and resourceful. By the way, he is 14 years old and still going strong. Big hugs to you and Kristi! ❤¸.•*”HUGS"*•.¸❤


The sweetest of posts Dottie, love dogs!... so sorry to hear of you dear companions vision problems Lin, thanks for tagging me, don't know how I missed this! ❤


So sorry to hear about Kristi, Lin, will keep your both in my prayers. :)


You're so welcome. Please give Kristi extra chin scratches and belly rubs for me. :-)


So sorry to hear about your Kristi, Lin!
That is heartbreaking. My sister had a Yorkie who lost her vision also, but she had worse problems in that she had seizures. I think she did quite well without her vision. I've heard of other dogs who do as well. Their smell and hearing serve them well in this way. I only tell you this that you may get some comfort from it and not worry as much.
I will say a prayer for you and Kristi!


I agree, Max_Tooney! : )


I so much agree with your dad, bdmc! My little Boomer has my heart...the part I reserve for him...hubby gets the rest! : ) Thanks for your comments. ~ Dottie


Beautiful sentiments, bdmc. "Beware anyone that doesn't like or love dogs"--truer words were never said.


My stepdad gave me my first little brown puppy (Brownie).This was about 67 years ago and i still remember her as she was then,She was a lot more than my best friend.She could talk with her face and eyes and let me know what she was thinking and feeling.This dog in this puzzle looks a lot like she would have but as bad luck would have it Brownie perished in a house fire.My stepdad told me when he brought Brownie home for me "Beware anyone that doesnt like or love dogs" That statement is so true.Thank you for this puzzle DixieGal it is a wonderful reminder to me and the saying on the top of the puzzle is so true in this age of discontent.Thank you again bdmc....


I agree with you, Graciela! Hope all is well with you and your family!


More than beautiful, it would be the perfect world! thanks Dottie


I saw that, Haney! War Eagle!!! : )


Dottie, Catch my message to Binkydo on my post of a Dublin door today.

War Eagle! Haney:-)


kichapz, I so much agree with you. They are gone way too quickly and we always say...never hurts too much when they leave. But in no time, we get another and it's just as precious as the last. : )


Jan, I feel the same way. My little Boomer thinks I hung the stars (my husband's words). You're welcome, Jan. : )

yes, indeed, very true!! and if only they could live more years than they do!! i would give anything to have had more time with our other dogs!!


The first thing I thought when I saw this was exactly the same as Haney. But, it is worth saying again. Truer words were never spoken!
My other favorite is "I wish I could be the woman my dog thinks I am."
Thanks, Dottie!


LOL! Lin! Well all I can say it sure is a cute chicken!! :D


I agree with you, KonaDreamer! Thanks for your comment.


Awww, Dottie - after all our chats you can say ..that? ; ) Nah, that's really a chicken dressed in suit! on my avatar ; )))))

Absolutely agree! Dogs are the most loyal and loving creatures on earth!


Lin, you must be a dog lover, too! Thank you for your lovely comment.


Thank you for such a nice comment, too, Haney!


LOL! Max_Tooney, thanks for stopping by and the funny comment!


Well...since Haney used the first words that came to my mind, Dottie - will go with ♫What a Wonderful World It Would BE ♫.
VERY sweet pic, too. Many thanx! ; )


"Truer words never spoken". Thanks, Dottie. Haney :-)


We'd have to take heartgard! (But I get your point--and I agree!)

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