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Collage: Small

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I created the images in this collage.


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Rosie, I'm with you on the cold. And more snow coming in today. I hope we can get home from Rochester tomorrow. I'm glad you like these kaleidoscopes.

Deborah, than you for your comment. I have been to Bemidji several times. That is a beautiful area. In fact I was there last April for a church presentation, but didn't get to sight see that time.

Kirsten, that bottom left did make me think of some of your kaleidos. I like the way it looks, too. Thank you for your wonderful comment.


Love, love, love this one Gail!! It's a really beautiful set. And for me the bottom left is the most beautiful of them. Thanks so much!! :)))


Nice collage Gail. :))) I notice that you're in mom was born in Bemidji.


Gail, the top middle and the middle, middle ones are my faves, but I like them all. Thanks for sharing. I'm so ready for spring. This cold weather is driving me stir crazy.


Thank you, Katie. I guess it wasn't someone who wanted to join the group but wanted some answers about Jigidi. That's not what the forum is for. We mainly chat about all kinds of things. Did you see the other buckeye on Jigidi?


Gorgeous oranges in this group!!! Thanks Gail. Did Sue ever figure out who was trying to join the Yahoo group?


Edie, yesterday we had a windchill of -22. Today there is not as much wind and it was sunny, but still cold (+8).

Niccolino, I'm so glad you like this. That square started out as a Limoges tea set.


Gorgeous. I love these because you get to do 9 puzzles in one! My favourite is top middle.


About an hour west of Toronto. Right now it's snowing and blowing here. 16 F windchill make is feel like 0 so I locked the chickens up early and after I take the dogs for a short walk I'm in for the night.


No, Edie. It's cold winter here in Minnesota. Where do you live? Thank you for your comment.


Josie's right. These are wonderful fall colours. Is it fall where you are? Thanks


LauraJane, you are very welcome. I like the lower left, too. And also the top center.

Josie, this puzzle made me think of fall, too. The warm colors are good for this very cold day. I'm glad you like it, because you know I'm a huge fan of your puzzles. I have so many bookmarked waiting for when I have time on a bigger screen. LOL.


I just turned this on, and the colors called out to me, the one good thing about fall, this is wonderful, colored leaves, creamy soups, lovely, just lovely.


These are really nice, Gail. My favorites are lower left and the one directly above it. Thank you!