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1948_Tucker_Torpedo_8511815871, bandit

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Thanks Pat, for sharing your thoughts on cars. I will try and find how I found this car.


Thanks Bandit.. for the trust? Like I said, I can't tell for sure... so I'll just have to leave it at that..
I'm going to say that it is ser. no. 1046.
I take the background of the picture into my decision making too.... Like no. 50 still has 0 miles on it. Even though it is also Maroon, It would not be out on a grass field like this picture shows, so it was out of the consideration of decision making... and I do think that no. 50 is going up for sale soon too, because the owner, Dick, just passed away. That one will bring quite a high price, but it seems to be a museum piece, that probably will never get driven, since it is still in it's original condition. And, one is in Japan, and this does not look like Japan.
I also take into consideration how wide the white wall tires are.. some cars have black walls, and some have extra wide white walls. Then too the front license plate is part of my decision judgment. Some do not have front license, like this one for instance, and some do have the front license, it is over on the drivers side of the front bumper. I can't see the gas filler from this side, but there are two different gas fillers on Tuckers,,, Early ones are behind the rear quarter vent, and the gas tank in behind the back seat, but later ones are under a flap on the front drivers fender with the gas tank in front of the firewall in front between the front trunk and the passenger compartment. And then also, if it would be a rear view, I look at the license plate. Most are all different there. and, last, is the tint of the paint.. some repaints are not quite the same color as original, maybe a little darker, or a little lighter? Some are not even Tucker colors at all, so those are usually easier to identify. This one is a little harder to tell color, because it is sitting in the shade, so I look at the little sliver of light falling on the passenger door.
But, So, I am going to say that this one is serial number 1046, because of all the logical information available in this picture, that would be my best judgement.
Thanks for the confidence.
I know, I know, I'm crazy about nit picking cars. I love to identify them. I guess my big brother installed that into me.. And one of our locals in Michigan offered a reward if anyone could identify all the different parts that it took to build his radical custom car.... Nobody every won that. I'm still working on that one, although the fella has passed on and there is no longer a reward available, I just like to imagine pieces of each car. It has worked well for me, because I can find old cars in back yards just by driving by and getting a glimpse... so I have met many people just to assure my identification. Just my personal life drive.


Thanks Pat, if and when you find which one it is let us know.


Okay Bandit, you got me on this one...
I can't decide which Tucker this is???
There are 14 Maroon Tuckers,, I think I have eliminated about 10 of them? not sure.
That leaves the other 4.. They all look alike you know. 1, 3, 37, and 46.
I am going to guess that this is ser. no. 1046 since it just got restored and up for auction. Maybe the best candidate for exposure.
I give up. Nice car. Wonderful car. Unbelievable for 1948.