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Sorry to get back to late. I've been busy all weekend!

Ank - thank you. Sorry about your weather, but it's fun for puzzling!

Edie - that is sea glass. It is a marvelous thing to find on the beach. And, yes, I have 35 ornaments "cooking" right this minute.

Barb - thank you so much!

Pat - So THAT'S why I chipped my tooth! LOL

Niccolino59 - the best thing about Jigidi is that you can have them ALL! :D))

Glad to hear that you found some time to relax, Ardy! I'm also glad to hear that you like sea glass! Thanks!

Hanne - have you ever found sea glass? The waves and sand make them so rounded and pretty.

Cindy - Thank YOU! I do appreciate your comments so much!

Rainiqui - What a sweet thing to say. Now you have me blushing. Thank YOU!! :))


What scrumptious eye candy is this !!! So delectable !!! Thanks very much Jan dearest ! :-)))

Each is a beauty in and of itself! Thanks for sharing!


I like them - all of them but especially the "jewels"!! Thanks so very much Jan!!


I love those pretty little pieces of glass. I should have put that on my favorites list on the other puzzle. Mr. Bugosi has often called Gemstone, Pretty pebbles which was what I though of when I saw these. That adaptation of the name really amuses me. Most of my favorites made the BOARDS. Thanks Jan. Lots of fun on a cold, rainy day. My errands are all done. I can stay home for the rest of the day. Yippee!!!


So many beauties - how can I choose?!


Splendiferous selection, Jan--and it's a good thing Edie mentioned that those are glass, before someone thought they were jelly beans or gumdrops and tried to nibble on them! :-DDD


A good one, Jiggy! :)


Too many pretty ones to pick Jan. ARe those small pieces of glass that you use in your glass making projects. Guess you'll be busy with that again this weekend. Thanks


And I love it too Jan. Thanks. ( we have very bad weather, so I have puzzle time lol)


Thanks so much, Pat!


Love it .... Thanks Jan