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Roundabout Hearts (Smaller)

49 pieces
150 solves
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Thanks, Katie, Mary, and pinknblack! I remember crack-the-whip, and how I always seemed to be one of the end kids, and so often, of course, ending up on my behind! I'm glad you all liked this--these are my favorite colors for hearts, so you'll be seeing more of them, for sure! :-)))


Glad to see someone else in the mood for hearts. Love yours, thanks.


Endless hearts! Love it! 5:58 Thanks, Pat!


That was fun Pat! Can hardly wait for more! The design reminded me of playing crack-the-whip with friends on ice skates when I was a kid.


Oh ye of great faith in me, Barb! LOL!

Thanks, Bar and Ardy, my little slowpokes (!)--I'm glad you liked it:-)))


Pat, I thought this went together so nicely - 3:58. Slow again. :-( Oh,, Well. I had fun :-)). That's what's important. Thank you.


I'm sure with your imagination and creativity, you'll be able to design many more heart puzzles for Valentine's Day, Pat. I was a little slow (3:44) but really enjoyed it. Thanks for the fun puzzle! :-)


Thanks, roseheather--I was tempted to save it for Valentine's Day, but I'm sure we'll be swamped with hearts then, so I went with it now (besides, I'm sure I'll make others by then, anyway!)--I'm glad you like it! :-)))


A very pleasing design and colors. Thanks! ; )