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Lilacs---Sniff, Sniff, Aaaahhhhh!!!

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These are more fragrant than the deep purple ones I had here last week.


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Gorgeous, warbler. I love lilac and would love to have one in my garden. I remember when my daughter was born 27yrs ago an Aunt brought me a big bunch from her garden. I had them by my hosipital by my entire stay! That was when flowers were allowed in wards in hospitals!


I bet you could Li! I'm glad you made it down Va way, and got some great photos!
One of mine, too, smllpkg, thanks!


So pretty and fragrant, Dave! I could smell yours in VA!!! :-)


My favorite!


If you have a scratch and sniff button on your keyboard, feel free to use it. Just a reminder of whats to come for you!

Thanks Mary, its one of mine too! :-)

Good to see you Pat.


Love them thanks so much for sharing .....


Absolutely gorgeous,one of my favorites,thank you Warbler.


If you're going to post these and us northerners, whose trees are just starting to bud, have to see them please post scratch and sniff only!!!! It's not far to see them and not smell them. They are so beautiful.


Thats fast to bloom Pat. They must be happy. Can't help but notice the change to your avitar!


They're my absolute favorite flowers, and shrubs, in the whole wide world! Thanks for these pics of them. A few months ago I planted two little ones in my yard here in Alabama, and they bloomed a couple of weeks ago!


Sorry to hear you can't grow them down there, Richard. Not enough cold period, I'm guessing.
Great comment story, BrightSky9, thanks for sharing it.
lilacs are the best, Suzy!
And you'll still be smelling them when mine are just a memory, Kathy. Thanks
Some of the old fashioned ones are the best Aggie, for sure.
Thanks Ami, Thank you Patti .
Is it dwarf like "Miss Kim" Lyndee or just new-they can take awhile to take off.
Good nose, mountain :-)
Same here Anitas-they all make pretty good cut flowers, though. Thanks.
Just say where, Sandy. Thanks


Oh man, those are gorgeous! Ship some of those down here, would you please?


You must want to stay outdoors all the time, with the pleasant odors. My light purple is also much more fragrant than the white or dark purples.


What a beautiful lilac tree thanks for sharing I can actually smell them


My lilac bush is a minature one so it isn't as pretty as this. But, my daughter has both the purple and the white ones and I can smell them as soon as I drive up in her yard.


Ahhhh, perfect! Thanks Warbler!


Beautiful purple clusters!


I can smell them from here. Beautiful, warbler! I have 2 brand new lilacs. I planted them last year and then had to keep them alive with buckets of water throughout the drought. This year they have little lilacs on them. They are such tiny bushes. I will have to post them.


I can almost smell them!! I have a while yet before I'll smell mine ~ they have just started budding!!


They look so tight and full. Ahhhh....such a nice fragrance!!!


Beautiful. When I was young, kids would take lilacs to school for the teacher. We had a neighbor who let my mother cut some for me. Sometimes, I'd go through a school day sneezing & sniffling. Took awhile but the grown-ups finally figured out I was allergic to lilacs. Lilacs...& stuff in the beauty salon where mother took me for hair cuts. Hard to cut hair on a sneezing child. Thanks for bringing back the memory of the scent - and its after-effects.


These look like the old fashioned ones that have that wonderful fragrance to them and something we cannot grow in the deep south.