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My Giant Hibiscus

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Thanks for the tip. :-) Sounds like a good idea.

My daughter gets the credit for my Hibiscus, Donna. I don't know if you saw my comment on another puzzle, but I put "empty egg shells" in my plants (just used, and with a little of the egg white still inside the shell). Seems to keep the lizards and other "creatures" away... and adds "protein" to the soil (Worth a try???) But you are correct about the weather, I put my plant in another enclosed patio during the winter. See 'ya next time.


Good to see that you dropped by again, DrJean. This picture is from 2013, a year or so after you and I became friends on Jigidi. I also shared a picture of my best Dogwood around that time. :-) I do love my Hibiscus but it does not always look this well. It usually depends on whether or not something gets to it and eats a lot of it before we can figure out what it is and do something. Then, there are times we have storms and the wind does a number on it and breaks limbs and makes some fall on the ground. But, when it is like this, I really enjoy it. :-) Glad you like it too. I love yours being in your Gazebo and kind of out of harms way.

WOW! What a beauty!!!!! I love it. When I have time, I'll return to and solve this puzzle. (smile)


To juliastacey: Thanks for dropping by and admiring my Hibiscus. In my comment, I meant Grasshoppers. :-))
To pasta: I never cover my Hibiscus in the winter. It is finished blooming by September or October and we cut down the stalks for the winter. In the Spring, it comes back up without any help. :-)) Thanks for your comments. :-))


Good luck, Pasta!


gotcha the sunniest warmest spot i can find?? thanks!!!


In my experience, Pasta, frost kills them but try anyway. If you can find the right corner....


maybe i'll try, do you have to cover them if you get a frost or cold snap?


PS: in your earlier comments, did you mean grasshoppers or locusts?


Beautiful, dblay! Here in Rome they don't survive the winter but in Sicily they grow as in your photo. The latitude???


Thank you, pasta for stopping by and admiring my Hibiscus. When the summer is over and the stalks get dry, we cut it down at the ground and the next Spring it comes right back up all by itself and that is good. :-)) I wish you could grow them in South Carolina. I'm in Alabama.


stunning, i live in sc usa, we cant plant hibiscus, will not last the winter, that is georges !!!


Thank you so much, Puzzles, for your nice comments about my Hibiscus. I enjoy it every year. It just comes up by itself and I like that. (ha) Hope you have a nice day. :-)


I only found this puzzle today and am speechless how beautiful your plant is. I have a big plant inside but am ready to cut it down because it is so straggly One big stem but then the branches just long and ugly. I should have pruned it sooner I suppose. Really enjoyed your puzzle ! Thanks !


THANKS TO ALL OF YOU who commented on my picture of my Hibiscus. Yes, taunteanna, it is in my flower bed in front of my house, as seen. I will send your sister a note and I am still doing the puzzles I find on her personal site that I can do.
I do want to tell all of you that the Hibiscus came up again this year and is beautiful again. It almost wasn't though because something began eating it, but we found out it was Slugs and did some things and, apparently, got rid of them so I am enjoying my Hibiscus plant again this year.
Also, thank you all for your nice comments about me and my plant. I love making comments to each of you on your postings. You are all very nice and it is a pleasure each day to "talk" to all of you or solve your puzzles. :-))


These flowers are simply gorgeous. Are they in your yard? Are those hibisciuos? I spelled the flower like it was Spanish. lol.


Dblay, let me know what puzzle you would like to do (that you saw in my sister's site and I will ask her and she'll make the picture smaller for you. Any picture can be downsized. Actually leave a message on her site letting her know. Tell her I sent you.... :0)

Moc krásná rostlina a je mi líto jak dopadla....




This is ( or was a beautiful hibiscus) dblay. I have 2 in my Family Room. Repot them every Spring as they get so big. Thanks so much. I enjoyed doing this puzzle.


So sorry to read your comment about the grasshoppers devouring your hibiscus, dblay. I was just going to comment that it was gorgeous and makes a great puzzle. Wish I had some words of wisdom to help you, but I'm not a gardener. Hope you find a solution to that pest problem so they don't devour your beautiful plants next year. :(


Just a note to everyone who commented on my Hibiscus. Not long after I posted this picture, the grasshoppers came and completely devoured it. It still had lots of buds on it. It just made me sick. It really looks terrible now - only the stalks left. This is the second time this has happened in a two to three year period. Lots and lots of grasshoppers and this is all they ate. :-(


Just found this and enjoyed looking and doing bit, so very pretty. Thx for this one.


I agree with both of them. I, also, wanted to thank you for ALL your comments on my puzzle site. It means alot when someone thanks you. I always smile when I see that kitty and know that you've got some great comment. You seem like a "terrific" person and I'm glad you and I can talk to each other.


Thank you Drjean. I enjoy it each year and it comes up on it's own. I like that part. :-)

Well, dblay, I found you!! I've always enjoyed the posts and comments with the cute little "kitten"; but did not make the connection to you.Your Giant Hibiscus is LOVELY!!!!! By the way,it's my daughter's favorite plant. :-))


Thank you MarionS. I enjoy it every year and it comes up on it's own. Glad you liked it.


Beautiful hibiscus Dblay...