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Temari Ball Light Background

144 pieces
295 solves
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Thanks so much, Mandy, Jan, Aishah, and elizellen! Jan, I was at 44% at 11 minutes, so I'm sure your time would have beaten mine easily! And I had no idea that it would do this well either, Aishah! If I remember, it was made in response to someone (elizellen?) thinking that a lighter background would be better for solving, so it was only posted as a link to show what it would look like. And I'll see if your suggestion helps, elizellen--the battery was at 24%, and my husband tried replacing the pair with another pair, but they (also rechargeable ones) seemed dead. I'm not sure if he put the others back in, or tried a pair of regular batteries. If he put back the old ones, I may try replacing them with regular ones myself. :-)))

I see all the comments but I still have to tell you how much I love,love,love this puzzle. It is fascinating. You have my sympathy about your mouse. I have a cordless one and it started acting up, scooting pieces off the screen or not moving them.I tried a new battery and it didn't work so I called my son-in-law and he said it could only be the battery because it has no moving parts. So I tried another new battery and it's working like a charm.Who knew?.


I thought my 12;30 was okay, but clearly it didn't keep me on the board very long. Clearly, it was a good thing you posted this little secret - over 200 solves. : )


You think you were slow? Here I was at 17:10!! LOL
But, it was fun to do! Thanks!!


Lovely! Thanks Pat :~)


Thanks, Aishah! I'm trying to solve it on the iMac, but the wireless mouse is worse than the wired one that I sometimes have trouble with on the desktop, and I'm yelling at it the whole time! I'm over 11 minutes and only at 44%, which shows you how terrible it is! I may just quit and redo it on the screechy laptop, which at least isn't quite as slow.....! :-)))


Very nice. And my last one before I head off to work! : )


Well, so much for my ability to keep secrets.... Sorry about that, but I'm desperate for new puzzles to post! :-(((


It will be our secret, wabbit! Thanks so very much! :-)))


Shhhhhhhhhh......... I snuck a peek over to this one to see the different background and was quite surprised that there were no solves on it so I just had to solve to let you know how much I liked it....... no matter what the color of the background is. Thank you for your puzzles!